The Big Spender Named Bush

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"Federal spending has grown twice as fast under President Bush as under President Clinton," notes Brian Riedl, an economist at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative advocacy group in Washington, notes The Christian Science Monitor. And the President's 2007 deficit appears on track to be a new record setter after all the emergency supplementals and off budget items are added on to the national debt.

In 2003 I said Bush would make Democrats look fiscally responsible. I was called crazy. In 2004, I wrote that Bush would continue to increase debts and deficits right up until his last year, at which time he would cut the deficit in half to maintain his promise, sort of. I was called unbelievable. When the President promised to cut the deficit in half years ago, folks believed he would start on that right away, and not wait 7 years to get around to it. But, I warned them. In 2005 I wrote that our national debt would double and exceed 10 trillion dollars by the time the President leaves office. Bush basher I was called. Now it is 2006, and the President's 2007 budget will put our national debt at 9 trillion dollars. What will folks call me this year?

I could dishonestly claim prescient powers to see into the future. But, I will leave charlatanism to politicians in Washington D.C. The simple fact is, I was a resident of Texas the entire time GW Bush was governor, and I witnessed first hand, his tax cutting - big spending ways which have hurt Texas severely. Texas has never had a state income tax, but thanks to Bush's term as governor and his hand picked successor, a state income tax may become inevitable to save the state's economy and make up the losses for all the business and wealthy tax cuts.

The simple fact is, GW Bush has no interest in responsible fiscal management. To him, tax payer dollars are just an unlimited credit card for his own use to advance his ideology and pay back his wealthy supporters. If one looks at what he does, instead of listening to what he says, it becomes clear that Bush views taxes as rightly his to spend, and not the tax payers. When one looks to how much higher taxes will have to remain for decades and generations to come, in order to manage his 10+ trillion dollar national debt legacy, one has to conclude that the Democrat's and some fiscal conservative Republican's pay-as you-go plan was the way to go all along.

But, it is not all Bush's fault. He did have a very pliable Republican Congress to help him raid working American's wallets for decades to come.

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