Corrupting America

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The President's State of the Union speech was quaint. But, let's get down to some real facts about where we are. America is corrupted! If the President were to have spoken the truth about the state of our nation, his speech would not have needed to be any longer than those 3 words.

Corruption. The word corrupt means to alter a normal healthy state to one of being putrid, unsound, or debased. Corrupt is probably the most apt description of our government in these times. Take the Abramoff scandal which, certainly paints a picture of wide spread bribery of politicians and their aides in exchange for legislation which harms the nation, but favors the hands that feed the reelection coffers of incumbent political parties and politicians.

Our campaign finance system is little more than a vast bribery scheme. A scheme in which small numbers of very wealthy persons, or somewhat larger groups like trade associations get their favors, as in permanent tax cuts or lax environmental standards, while the majority lose pensions, jobs, and educational quality or assistance and feel the hardship of ever increasing costs for energy, health care, prescriptions, food and housing.

The corruption goes far beyond money however. The intelligence and premises for invading Iraq were corrupted. The process of budgeting while leaving 100's of billions of dollars of spending out of the budget to shore up appearances of fiscal responsibility is corrupt. The President's refusal to abide by the FISA court law is a corruption of the Constitution's checks and balances. His memory lapse in saying he does not recall meeting with Abramoff while refusing to hand over photos of those same meetings are a corruption of political office and truth. The political party wars between Democrats and Republicans which endlessly stall and delay solutions to America's problems like secure borders, and 12 million illegal immigrants in our country is a corruption of the very purpose of government which is to solve the nation's problems, not add to them.

Even our election process and our democracy is corrupt. With as many as 48% of eligible voters finding nothing motivating in our system of governance to warrant voting, our democracy suffers from a rule of the minority. A little over 30% of eligible voters elected Bush in 2004. Less than that reelected 94 to 96% of incumbent Congresspersons in 2004. This is not majority democracy. This is a corruption of the word democracy, which means among other things majority rule. Some folks on the right proudly and defiantly state that the United States is not, nor ever has been a democracy but rather, a Republic. This too is a corruption of what America can be. For America can be both a democracy of consensus majority rule and a republic form of representation. But America isn't in this healthy state because of the prime directive of the Democratic and Republican parties, which is to divide the public and the nation in order to win by a margin of only a few percent.

The hearts and minds of a nation's people are the last elements of society to yield to corruption. But once they do, that society will fail. The corruption of American's hearts and minds is the dirty little secret politicians don't want to talk about. America is home to vastly growing numbers of outlaws. One only need look at the speed limits on our highways and a radar gun for five minutes to witness this fact. America's black markets in cash only non-tax paying businesses are becoming so prevalent that if one listens closely in restaurants or barber shops, one will hear them bragging of their outlaw behavior and how they profit from it. America's jails and prisons are packing citizens in like sardines. They are overflowing to such a dangerous extent, that we continually have to invent new early release programs for recidivist prisoners to make room for the incoming.

Growing numbers of employers and managers will attest to the fact that growing numbers of America's young work force have no manners, no sense of group, no sense of obligation to others. Pedophilia is a national disgrace in this country reflecting a corruption of the hearts and minds of so many of our society's members who act as though they cannot find love and acceptance in other ways. Our priests and ministers of morality lead the high profile stories of pedophilia. Violent rape, date rape, and drug rape, also mirror a corruption of the hearts and minds of America's citizenry.

It is not my purpose to explain why this social corruption grows like a cancer on our society. But, it is safe to say that when growing numbers of a nation's leaders from politicians to clergy to business leaders speak through floral and pastoral PR firm crafted speeches, all the while acting in contradiction to those speeches across decades and generations, it will have a pervasive effect on the corrupting of society as a whole. This corruption must be halted at the top if there is to be hope for a healthy normal state of the American ideal to trickle down through the society in the future. Government is the biggest and most visible institution in our society. To diminish corruption in the future, government must be made healthy again. And that will only happen if voters in increasing numbers vote out the corruption and replace it with new leaders with the stern warning that they too will have no incumbency if they fail to halt the corruption.

America is growing corrupt but, she can reverse it if citizens of integrity and honesty will demand an end to it. That means you and I, the voters, must act; for the current set of politicians are in too deep and too far gone.

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