Childish Blame Dodging and Spin

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CBS News reports "CIA Director Porter Goss said Thursday that the disclosure of President Bush's eavesdropping-without-warrants program and other once-secret projects had undermined U.S. intelligence-gathering abilities."

WRONG! Bypassing the courts, as is required by law, necessitated the whistleblowing to preserve our democracy and Constitutional rule of law. The White House and NSA broke the law and they own the consequences. This is pure political spin folks trying to blame the sibling when the child broke the plate.


I have heard so many opinions on what is right, and wrong, in this issue, it makes my head spin. However, i feel the discussions on this issue will greatly help out America, and help us resolve this issue.
Raymond B

Raymond, thanks for your comment. The Congress appears set to review and update the law to incorporate new technologies and expand Congressional oversight according to this article.

But, it also appears the House has no interest in pursuing an investigation over whether the President broke the law. Therefore, it would appear the legality of the President's position is headed for the Supreme Court, where the potential for a Constitutional Crisis exists, should the S.C. rule against the White House's interpretation that FISA did not apply to its actions, and should the President reject the Supreme Court's ruling. If that scenario plays out, normally the House would call for impeachment hearings, but, in this one party government, that would not happen. Hence the potential Constitutional Crisis.

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