Putting Incumbents On Notice

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Following is an email I sent to my Senators Hutchison and Cornyn, and Representative Henry Bonilla. I borrowed a theme designed by Common Cause and crafted the following Notice to Congress. Given that the margins of victory in many states in the Nov. elections will be merely thousands of votes, wouldn't it be something if Congresspersons received a few million of these type messages.

Dear Senator or Representative.

I have watched our government being sold to the highest bidder for decades. I have seen incumbents from both parties work tirelessly to preserve the legal graft and purchase of votes by wealthy donors and lobbyists, shutting out the voice of average American voters on issue after issue.

The scandals currently rocking D.C., you and I both know, represent only the tip of the ice berg where money influences legislation is concerned. We voters in America have an agenda we agree on by a huge multi-partisan majority. That agenda includes fiscal responsibility which will preserve prosperity for our children, roads to peace, not war, which increase the prospects of peace for our children, and freedom to conduct our lives responsibly in America without government intrusion, spying, and secret activities overseeing our private lives.

But this agenda of the American people of peace, prosperity and liberty is not backed by 100's of millions of dollars in annaul graft, and so it is an agenda you incumbents in Washington lose sight of. Enough is enough.

I have joined with other voters, Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians and independents who are all committed to voting out incumbents for as many election cycles as it takes in order to restore responsible government. To restore government that takes its direction from the average working Americans, and not the wealthy corporations, campaign donors, and special interest lobbyists is our goal.

We finally get it. The incumbents are preserving this corrupt system for themselves, and we are committed to addressing the problem at its source. So, you have a choice, change your bribed ways of legislating or face a growing tide of anti-incumbent voters who care less about party than they do about ending the legal and illegal influence of money over legislation.

We are not opposed to campaign contributions or lobbyists. We are opposed to the incumbents who permit those small numbers of wealthy contributors to trump the people's agenda for a prosperous, peaceful, and free future for our children. Our organization is called Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy and we are here to stay and grow throughout the country until you are gone from Congress or, change your ways of voting to work for our agenda instead of that of the special interests.

You have a difficult choice. Acknowledge the American people's agenda and fight for it in Congress, or we will continue in growing numbers to vote out incumbents until their replacements finally get it and work exclusively for our children's future, all of America's people in bi-partisan fashion, and against corruption and bribery both legal and illegal.

Here are actions on your part we will look for in the coming months.

* Create an Independent Ethics Commission to investigate congressional ethics misconduct by all parties.

* Prohibit Members of Congress and their staffs from accepting gifts from registered lobbyists. Ban all privately financed Congressional travel. If the trip is important enough for a Member to make, it is important enough to be publicly financed and let the people determine if their money was well spent or not.

* End the campaign money chase that is at the core of the current scandal and robs the people of their representatives time spent on the American people's common agenda, peace, prosperity, and liberty in America for Americans. Publicly-funded, clean election reform for congressional campaigns is critical to restoring responsibility by Congress to the voting public.

* Stop members of Congress and senior staff from immediately taking jobs as lobbyists once they leave public service. Install a 5 year ban on this practice to end the motivation for running for Congress in order to become a wealthy lobbyist. The American people don't elect their representatives to promote their bank accounts and financial status upon leaving office for a lucrative lobbying position.

* Real transparency and real-time reporting of lobbying contacts and real enforcement of disclosure rules by incumbents is required to get our votes in the future.

You have a decision to make: work for us, we the people, or continue to work for the highest bidders and contributors to your financial wealth. We are watching, and we will respond accordingly in 2006, 2008, 2010, and beyond if necessary.


Well thought out and well constructed, nice job. I only wish more individuals like yourself took the time to contact heir elected officials and let them know their opinions.
Raymond B

Thanks, Raymond. I am hoping Common Cause and Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy supporters are reaching out to touch their representatives with a comparable message.

You play a large role in what your viewers and readers will do when they go to the poles in November.
Use independent thought, be different and think different !


Thank you,

Raymond Costello

86 the incumbent is a non-partisan concept driven by patriotism and the most coveted of citizen rights, the right to vote! Our core belief is that the political system has gone astray from what our forefathers intended and only the VOTING American population has the power to tell our current leadership that they have to be held accountable for their decisions while in office. Corruption, failure to accomplish campaign promises and voting along party lines instead of for the best interest on their constituents has been noticed by the people.

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