Alito, Friend or Foe?

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The President's nomination of a clear conservative to the Supreme Court is not a surprise. But, will Samuel Alito be a friend or foe to America's future. American business backs him. Republicans back him. The ultra right conservatives back him. Anit-abortionists back him. His record reflects a hostility to federal actions like affirmative action, his mother says he is anti-abortion, and if business is backing him, his record likely reflects opposition to consumer rights in matters of commerce.

But, will he be a justice who looks to the Constitution and precedence as the basis for representing and fostering unity and fairness in American law for all Americans? Or, will he be a justice who has little regard for whether the public agrees with government or its laws, and pushes a political philosophy of law and government which is embraced only by a minority of America's citizens? Will he be a friend or foe to America's future as a United States?

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