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The Wall Street Journal's Nov. 17 poll shows public confidence in our political parties and government continue lower. With ratings in the 30% and less range, it appears all time lows in confidence are at hand. The sentiment for an anti-incumbency groundswell is there for 2006. What is missing is a focus for action by Americans entering 2006 voting booths.

Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy is a start up organization hoping to provide that focus of action in 2006. VOID, as they call themselves, are even rumbling about a coalition effort among third parties toward a concerted anti-incumbency focus to force the Democratic and Republican Parties to negotiate lower ballot barriers to third party candidates in exchange for backing off an anti-incumbency focus by their constituents, which could threaten majority status and aspirations in Congress.

Third parties and independent candidates for federal office, as well as half of the eligible voters in this country, utterly fail to recognize the power they hold in the palms of their hands. The power of just a small number of them to radically alter American politics as well as substantially, and significantly, reform American government is right there in front of them. Yet, so far, they have refused to see it and seize it for their own. For some they even see it, and recoil from it. Is power in politics such a frightening thing? Perhaps, but not for long.

Nothing new in the concept of throwing incumbents out of office. Failed before, why would VOID's attempt work today? Below are the mechanics of how and why VOID can reshape American politics.

First, there is already an anti-incumbent attitude among eligible voters, and this accounts for why a huge number of the 60% of eligible voters DO NOT VOTE in non-presidential year elections. Voter participation has been dropping for decades with a few blip exceptions. At least half of the American public has lost faith in voting for Democrats and Republicans, incumbents or challengers, because things in government just don't get better. In fact, in many ways, our government just continues to worsen. 9/11 never should have happened. Our educational system never should have dropped from being the best in the world. Our poverty rate never should have increased since the 1970's, but, it has. And our national debt should never have reached 8 Trillion dollars threatening the taxed wages of our children's work lives.

Alito, Friend or Foe?

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The President's nomination of a clear conservative to the Supreme Court is not a surprise. But, will Samuel Alito be a friend or foe to America's future. American business backs him. Republicans back him. The ultra right conservatives back him. Anit-abortionists back him. His record reflects a hostility to federal actions like affirmative action, his mother says he is anti-abortion, and if business is backing him, his record likely reflects opposition to consumer rights in matters of commerce.

David Weller, former national press secretary for Ross Perot's Reform Party USA, has joined the all volunteer Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID) organization which is working to rally voters to vote out incumbents in future national races. VOID will be launching a public awareness effort to its cause in the next couple weeks.


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