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Vote Out Incumbents Democracy - VOID, is a new grassroots website and organization of bloggers pushing for forcing politicians to tend the needs and issues which most Americans agree on. The idea is to move significant numbers of voters in 2006 and 2008 and beyond if necessary, to vote out incumbents, and vote in challengers. The rational is, if pollsters and the Dem. and Rep. parties fail to predict their incumbency losses, the parties will be forced to attend to the demands of anti-incumbent voters.

In its first week, VOID has received hundreds of dollars in donations, and a small but growing number of bloggers and voters are generating a lot of comments especially under the article entitled 1st Week Todo List Growing. In this article folks are discussing the nuts and bolts of a fledgling advocacy group and web site.


it is time for the gop republican party which stands for lower taxes and smaller govt and personal and individual responsibility for family values and oneself to show some backbone and fight by going out to vote for gop house and senate candidates in fall of 2006 to keep gop majority in both houses away from these left wing socialist democratic party who are trying to scare and suppress gop voters by saying pres gw bush is a liar and evil man which is totally false /there will be always be a fringe far left and far right wing in both parties that are a small pct of voters who are out of the mainstream of there respective voters on political issues/gw bush is fighting against a left wing democratic party press which discredits everything positive prez bush is trying to for the better of the country for all /the gop party slogan should be "lets reform,rebuild america united together"

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