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Money for challenger campaigns is on the upswing, according to a The Hill article. The link to The Hill article can be found at a new site called Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID). VOID just went online on Oct. 16 and is founded by the author of this site. From VOID's comments, it appears in just 3 days, this site has already drawn some committed followers. Readers here and at WatchBlog, know that I have advocated for anti-incumbency for quite some time. It is encouraging therefore, to begin to see some movement and evidence of voters gravitating toward such a position in 2006.

As I say at VOID, if even a small but significant number of independents, 3rd party voters, minority party voters, and previously non-voters, show up in 2006 for the express purpose of voting for the challenger and against the incumbent, shockwaves will be emanate throughout our political system. Incumbents hold reelection as their highest priority in their decisions, and if a grassroots anti-incumbency movement is reflected in voting statistics in 2006, the incoming freshman politicians and remaining incumbents will weigh whether they should be putting the people's majority concensus issues at the top of their priority list.

Ask yourself, if incumbents got the message that they have no chance of being reelected if they don't solve our border security issue, zero out deficit spending, make dramatic and competitive improvements in education, and implement an exit strategy from Iraq in the foreseeable future, wouldn't these problems get solved far more readily? Wouldn't their be a real and tangible incentive for politicians to act bi-partisanly and responsibly toward those issues which enjoy majority voter backing?

The ticket to the realization of that outcome is showing up to vote, and voting out the incumbents, regardless of party, regardless of platform, and regardless of past performance. The statisticians who crunch the numbers after the election will carry the message to new and remaining politicians, "The only way to get reelected in 2008, is going to be by hammering out real solid solutions to American voter's concensus concern issues in a way American voters can see and accept.


I checked outthe VOID site. Interesting ideas. I have bookmarked it, just to watch its progress.

Tommy, thanks for the comment and checking out the site. It doesn't sound like you are a convert, but, that's fine. VOID, or Vote Out Incumbents Democracy is not intended to convert those who still believe in the two-party money system that now controls government. We do welcome your feedback and participation.

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