The Obvious 2006 Voting Choice

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Many folks today are looking for alternatives to the Democratic and Republican Parties. Their major obstacle is not a void of alternatives, but their bringing their major party mindset with them on the search. Folks who look for a 3rd party or independent group, which comes packaged to overtake the Democrats or GOP across the land, will never find what they seek. They have to join a 3rd party or independent group first, then get their friends and family to join, and they in their turn, to get others to join, if any 3rd party or independent group is going to have any competitive position along side the DNC (Democratic National Committee) or GOP (Grand Old Party). Not a likely proposition.

It's not impossible for such a thing to happen. The Republican Party began as a small rival party, and elected Abraham Lincoln. Ross Perot, despite his eccentricities, garnered the greatest threat against the two major parties in modern times. Voters act like they want to be led, especially disgruntled voters. They wait for some wealthy or name recognized leader to come forth and offer them a path and choice. Until we voters stop acting as if we want to be led, and start leading our own choices and actions to support alternatives, we will never have a viable choice to stand on.

There is no shortage of party alternatives. There is a shortage of supporters and activists in them. Address the shortage, and we will have a choice. In America, the choices are many. From the Communist Party to the Libertarian Party and all manners in between, there are 3rd parties to fill any disgruntled voter's needs for an alternative political action group. It is a great thing that America both allows and maintains so many diverse party groups from a civil liberties perspective. But, a universe of choices means diluting the competitive capacity of any of these 3rd parties to wrestle the majority party in setting America's priorities and agenda. But, there is an alternative path, that is so elegantly simple, and potentially powerful, as to threaten to alter the two major party system for decades to come.

That alternative path is an anti-incumbent show at the polls in 2006. When enough of the Communists, Socialists, Environmentalists, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Perot supporters, McCain supporters, Gore and Kerry supporters, and independents show up and simply vote for whoever is not currently in office, it would be the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake upon the American political landscape. There would be only one conclusion both remaining incumbents and the new freshman representatives could draw from such an election. That conclusion would be: Politicians no longer have a comfy career at the public trough of tax dollars, unless they put the people's agenda and priorities before their own, before those of the special interests, and before those of the large campaign donors.

There are priorities the majority of Americans agree upon and which, politicians refuse to support enacting. A majority of Americans want fiscal responsibility. Fiscal responsibility can only mean putting American tax payer dollars to work for Americans, first, and paying down this ever growing national debt.

A majority of Americans want quality teachers and schools for their children.

A majority of Americans want an growing 20,000 American casualties in Iraq to end.

A majority of Americans want politicians to hold their own accountable for illegal and unethical behavior.

A majority of Americans want the sense of security that secure borders to our country would provide.

Politicians in American government refuse to represent the majority of Americans on these and other major citizen priorities. They refuse, because they enjoy reelection without doing the hard work of the American people. It is time for all third party, non party, and minority party voters to get off their "my vote don't count" stoop, show up in 2006, and vote the incumbent politicians out. The message will not be confused, misinterpreted, or obfuscated. There simply wouldn't be any future in politicians trying to confuse, misinterpret, or obfuscate election results which saw an unprecedented number of incumbents voted out of office.


Now, you are on to something. I previously said to another article of yours, that your plan did not have a chance because it was too difficult to explain. You sseem now to the come up with a way to explain it short and succinct. Great job! I am on board, and will be voting anti-incumbent in 2006.

I have been reading some of your older writings, very impressive. Do you right for professionally somewhere? What do you do for a living, Mr. Remer.

Jake, thank you for your the praise.

Check out the About Page for my short biography.

Except for writing that was part of my executive positions, no, I am not paid for my writing. But, I will consider any offers.

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