Why Bush Won't Withdraw Miers Nomination

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Bush's nomination of Miers to the Supreme Court has Charles Krauthammer's panties all in a twist, as he calls for Bush to withdraw it. Suddenly, a supreme court he has trashed for so many years, is now venerated and worthy of protection. Well, there are two very likely reasons Pres. Bush will not withdraw the nomination no matter what.

Reason One: Bush is a puppet with a host of others pulling his strings. That is how he could end up withdrawing her nomination. However, Pres. Bush Jr., has an inferiority complex, (as many short, bowl legged men with tall powerful Daddies have) and that will likely stand in the way of his allowing the puppetmasters to pull his strings on this one, since it would make him look like he made a Mustake!

Or, and this is just as likely Reason Two:, his puppetmasters have absolutely NO desire to see Roe V. Wade overturned, as that would very likely cost the GOP their majority status in government for another few decades to come. Afterall, overturning long standing precedent and challenges to a ruling like Roe V. Wade, would be against a strict adherence to the principle of Not Legislating From the Bench. Chief Justice Roberts already said he would not overturn Roe v. Wade, and the President is assuring the nation Miers will not vanquish time honored tradition of precedence which has governed the Supreme Court for over two centuries. Either way, when it comes to privacy rights, the liberals have found a secret ally in the Whitehouse. In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.


Another reason Bush will not rescind his nomination of Harriet Mier: He has nominated his clone, only female.

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