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Vote Out Incumbents Democracy - VOID, is a new grassroots website and organization of bloggers pushing for forcing politicians to tend the needs and issues which most Americans agree on. The idea is to move significant numbers of voters in 2006 and 2008 and beyond if necessary, to vote out incumbents, and vote in challengers. The rational is, if pollsters and the Dem. and Rep. parties fail to predict their incumbency losses, the parties will be forced to attend to the demands of anti-incumbent voters.

Money for challenger campaigns is on the upswing, according to a The Hill article. The link to The Hill article can be found at a new site called Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID). VOID just went online on Oct. 16 and is founded by the author of this site. From VOID's comments, it appears in just 3 days, this site has already drawn some committed followers. Readers here and at WatchBlog, know that I have advocated for anti-incumbency for quite some time. It is encouraging therefore, to begin to see some movement and evidence of voters gravitating toward such a position in 2006.

On GOP Judgement Day

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Listening and watching C-Span this morning, Republican Senators were out in force this week spreading the gospel. Not the biblical gospel; the fiscal gospel. They reminded me of the moral degenerate who sees the train just a few feet from his stalled car on the tracks, and yells in prayer, "Lord, I repent, I am a good soul NOW!" After years of plundering the next generation's wages with spending and massive tax cuts for workers and wealthy today, the Republican politicians in control of the budgetary process for years now, are entering a new election cycle, and the voters are not happy. Suddenly, Republican politicians are professing to voters, "I repent, I am a good fiscal conservative, NOW! "

Ban Nazism in America?

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The riot in Toledo, Ohio resulting from a couple dozen Neo Nazi Party whites marching in a predominantly black neighborhood raises again immense political and cultural issues . The attacks upon police after the Nazi's had departed were allegedly perpetrated by black gang members drawn to the demonstration like moths to flame. With the target of their anger gone, why did the black gangs vent their rage at police? Are police seen as an extension of the mindset of the Neo Nazi Party? Should they be?

Many folks today are looking for alternatives to the Democratic and Republican Parties. Their major obstacle is not a void of alternatives, but their bringing their major party mindset with them on the search. Folks who look for a 3rd party or independent group, which comes packaged to overtake the Democrats or GOP across the land, will never find what they seek. They have to join a 3rd party or independent group first, then get their friends and family to join, and they in their turn, to get others to join, if any 3rd party or independent group is going to have any competitive position along side the DNC (Democratic National Committee) or GOP (Grand Old Party). Not a likely proposition.

Bush's nomination of Miers to the Supreme Court has Charles Krauthammer's panties all in a twist, as he calls for Bush to withdraw it. Suddenly, a supreme court he has trashed for so many years, is now venerated and worthy of protection. Well, there are two very likely reasons Pres. Bush will not withdraw the nomination no matter what.

October 1st marked the beginning of a new fiscal year for the federal government. The fiscal year is the 12 month period in which the bookkeepers for government track revenues and spending against a budget proposed by the President and adjusted and approved by Congress for this one year period. The deficit of the last year as of The Treasury Dept's. 3rd quarter reporting figures was 249 Billion 800 million or a 1/4 trillion dollars. The amount for the end of the last fiscal year is estimated to be 330 Billion dollars. But it is not domestic spending increases that caused this deficit. According to the Congressional Budget Office as reported by the CBBP (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities):


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