Bush's Katrina Speech

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Bush showed up ready for work. Blue collar, unbuttoned, and sleeves rolled up. The symbolism of a blue collar worker showing up ready for work, was unmistakable. But, like a blue collar worker who shows up for work a week late, he should be fired. While the President focuses on remedying his poll numbers and Katrina's devastation, it was obvious the far greater threat to America, total debt, is not even on his radar scope.

Suffering, heroes, victims, hope, spirit, loss, were all words used by the President to try to tug at America's heartstrings in a plea to boost his poll numbers and avoid punishment of the party that put him into office and defended that choice. He said he will "help citizens rebuild their communities. ... This city will rise again." Progress is being made as he listed a litany of improvements now taking place, some water, and electric being restored and water receding. All words desperately needed to try to turn negative approval ratings more positive, as well as needed by those feeling hopeless to look forward to a future brighter than present circumstances.

"Some of the hardest work remains ahead." Indeed! The president did enunciate a number of actions to be taken which will indeed relieve suffering and provide hope. Many sounded workable and justified. All sounded very expensive adding as much as another 1/4 trillion dollars to our national debt, and given the no bid contracts, they too sounded like a corporate raid upon the federal treasury. Inspector Generals find waste, fraud and abuse AFTER the money is gone. The President however did not enunciate a single plan to insure that the money is received and used by those in need and for purposes intended. Haliburtion and dozens of other corporation CEO's must be celebrating tonight.

And what is this plan of giving federal lands away? The President said federal lands will be given free to those who wish to rebuild. Watch Out! Here comes Wal-Mart, Ford, GM, and a host of other companies and wealthy folks with hands out for free land at taxpayer expense. Certainly some victims will benefit. But, Republicans never could justify giving to the poor without giving even more to the already wealthy. The candy store is open folks! G. W. Bush and the Republican Party are always able to find a silk lining in a sow's ear. Katrina may prove a most fortunate opportunity for their wealthy corporate constituents.

The President announced a shocking line of reasoning when he explained racism causes poverty and the federal government will open the treasury to end this discrimination and poverty that Katrina embarrassingly exposed on TV to the entire world. This kind of big spending exceeds that of even Democrats. Is there any wonder our national debt has increased 50% in just 5 years under this President and his Republican Party. They talk conservative, but, given power, they make Democrats look like the fiscally responsible party. At least Democrats oppose unfunded mandates and are ardently behind the fiscal discipline known as Pay as You Go, legislation, instead of ever increasing the tax debt on future generations.

Rebuilding Katina's destruction, smarter, better, and sounder is something America wants to do. But, President Bush and his Republican Party demonstrate time and again, their inability to focus and work on complex and comprehensive approaches that solve more problems than they create. There are ways to resurrect the Gulf Coast without throwing our economic and tax futures away at the same time. But, Pres. Bush and the Republican Party are not the leaders who can take us there.


Bush showed up ready for work. Blue collar, unbuttoned, and sleeves rolled up. The symbolism of a blue collar worker showing up ready for work, was unmistakable. But, like a blue collar worker who shows up for work a week late, he should be fired.

Now that is both funny & accurate now that you mention it. I saw the speech, and thought it was a good speech and would give hope to those still waiting for aid and assistance.

But, like you, I am very concerned about how the money will be spent and whether we will actually get what we pay for. Since impeaching the President is nearly impossible, I hope the President does not direct the spending. We need someone in charge of rebuilding who can be held legally and morally responsible with consequences.

Treble, I agree that the President should appoint someone who can be held accountable for the spending of tax payer dollars, and Congress is too bureaucratic to accomplish that micromanagement efficiently. Good thoughts. Thanks.

The author of this article calls himself an independent. But, what he writes is not independent at all. Quit pretending - you are a Dean sounding democrat and your lies are blatantly obvious.


I don't need to be a Democrat to recognize baloney when I hear it.
This country is in it up to our collective necks, and that ain't water were treading.

Unlike the American people, the American government doesn't need to earn money to spend it. This administration has been spending it like a sailor on shore leave.

But I'm sure you can back up your assertions with facts.

Let me add that perception, or the lack thereof, has been Mr. Bush's modus operandi since the beginning of his reign.
Not one other President has insisted that he knew what he was doing, and, may I add, no other President has needed too.

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