Bush Playing Blame Game

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President Bush said this morning, that he will lead the investigation, when it is time to do so, to find out what went right, and what went wrong with government's preparations and response to Katrina. He said we must know what went wrong so we can be ready if another catastrophe, WMD or natural occurs.

There are a number of problems with the Presidents thinking revealed by his statements this morning. The president is making a huge mistake assuming that there is time to put off the investigation before the next catastrophe occurs. With the CIA saying, al-Queda are in the U.S., the President must demonstrate the ability and willingness to do more than one thing at a time.

His (I can only do one thing at a time) approach of taking care of victims now, and strengthening our system later, is not acceptable. He must do more than one thing at a time. American lives and well being depend on knowing what went wrong, now, so that if an attack or event occurs next month we are not repeating the same breakdowns that occurred with Katrina.

The President said he will lead the investigation as to what went wrong when the time is right. This is like the Fox leading an investigation for the farmer into why chickens are being eaten in the hen house. The President thinks this is acceptable. Can we as Americans really be so gullible?

FEMA failed. The head of FEMA is Bush's appointee, a man whose experience is with horse events. And Bush is saying his choice for FEMA Director, Michael Brown, was a good choice. This is the same FEMA director who had this to say about Katrina victims:

The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Thursday those New Orleans residents who chose not to heed warnings to evacuate before Hurricane Katrina bear some responsibility for their fates.
The President supports this man who in the middle of the crisis wants to shift blame to the vicitims themselves. Perhaps it is fortunate for Brown, thousands of those victims are dead and therefore unavailable for comment to his charge.

The Whitehouse and its FEMA Director have been busy. Busy with damage control: Public Relations damage control, that is. TV50 reports on Brown's public relations damage control with this:

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency says the government has known for a long time how vulnerable New Orleans would be in a major hurricane like Katrina.

Michael Brown says Louisiana went through a table-top drill a year ago and is doing a good job responding right now. He also tells N-B-C the government is preparing supplies and response teams to move wherever Gulf state governors need them once the weather allows.

The Whitehouse, meaning Pres. Bush and all his cabinet appointees responsible for preparing for the next catastrophe after 9/11, have had 4 years and a large number of billions of taxpayer dollars for those preparations. The test of how well the President and his cabinet would perform came with the eye of Katrina. There is little evidence to suggest the Whitehouse passed this test on behalf of the American people.

And let us not forget, it was the Republican Party that sponsored and recommended the President to the American people as the best man for the job of protecting and defending U.S. citizens. After President Bush and this Republican controlled Congress's record on fiscal responsibility, foreign policy, progress in Iraq and against al-Queda, their record on preventing 9/11 and now their record on Katrina, can voters depend on candidates the Republican Party puts forth in 2006 and 2008? That question will be answered on those election days.

With the possibility of an al-Queda attack in the U.S. ever present: should we the people really permit the President to put off the investigation? Should we the people allow the President to lead that investigation? If we allow delays and whitewashing of the investigation, can we go to sleep secure in the knowledge that we are as safe as we can be? Can anyone say their tax dollars were well spent preparing for America's next catastrophe after 9/11?

President Bush is playing the Blame Game. His version of the game is to put the blame as far away from him, his party, and appointees who sit in control of federal government, as possible.

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