A Call for Temporary Civility

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It is a free country still, and folks can say what they want. Attacking officials now responsible for saving lives, reducing suffering, and bringing order back to the chaos called Katrina, cannot serve a positive purpose at this time. More importantly attacking such officials increasing their stress and diverting their attention could possibly interfere with efforts to aid and serve those most in need at this time. Governors Haley Barbour (R) of Mississippi and Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) of Louisiana have many sleepless nights of worry, stress, and difficult decision making ahead of them, and I would call on the media, the pundits, and most especially political competitors to exercise the greatest of civility in assessing and evaluating the rescue efforts underway.

It is vital that professionals review and assess rescue efforts; and if better ideas occur to enhance those efforts, they should be offered. But, the victims will not be served by political rancor or taking advantage of leader's 100% focus on rescue to criticize and demean them or their mistakes while they have no time to respond. Professionals in government and in all political parties should rebuke such opportunism, I would recommend. In addition, citizens unaffected too can do their part by refusing to participate in such counterproductive dialogue or offering support to opportunists who would take advantage of our leaders dedicating their every waking moment to ending the suffering.

This call for civility is temporary. Just until the lifesaving is over and the refugee's lives have been returned to some resemblance of normality. It would be too much to ask for such restraint to become permanent, given the competitive nature of American politics. However, our compassion for the victims can surely motivate us to exercise some self-restraint and civility for a short time.

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