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DeLay: The Real Story

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District Attorney Ronnie Earle, responsible for bringing House of Representatives majority leader Tom Delay (R) before a grand jury on charges of violating Texas state law prohibiting corporate funds from being sent to other legislator's campaigns, is a Democrat. Tom DeLay says Earle is seeking political revenge. The record however shows Earle has obtained far more convictions or no contest pleas from Democrats than Republicans (12 out 15). But, that fact is not one that is likely to interfere with the partisan accusations attempting to divert the discussion from political corruption toward political partisanship motives. The real issue however, is the corruption.

Going Wrong in America

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The President is looking to Congress to grant the Pentagon the authority to determine if it should move in on natural disasters taking over from the beginning on their own authority if warranted. This is reported by CBS News:

White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters on Air Force One Sunday that Bush talked about whether "there is a trigger that comes into play in the event of a catastrophic event where the Department of Defense would need to come in and help really to help stabilize the situation."

That trigger, he said, would only be considered in a catastrophic event.

The Tax Cut Myth

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The great conservative hoodwinks is "cutting taxes increases revenue." I say hoodwink because while federal revenues from increased economic activity resulting from tax cuts is verifiable, it has been decades since the amount of increased revenues generated, even closely equaled the amount of lost revenues from the tax cuts. Add this hoodwinks to an environment of increased spending, and you have an accurate picture of the economic future resulting from Pres. Bush's term with his Republican Congress. A nearly 50% increase in the national debt and almost double the interest on that debt in 5 years.

And it will continue at least another 3 years unless we voters send a resounding No More spend and borrow message to Republicans in 2006.

Bush's Katrina Speech

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Bush showed up ready for work. Blue collar, unbuttoned, and sleeves rolled up. The symbolism of a blue collar worker showing up ready for work, was unmistakable. But, like a blue collar worker who shows up for work a week late, he should be fired. While the President focuses on remedying his poll numbers and Katrina's devastation, it was obvious the far greater threat to America, total debt, is not even on his radar scope.

There is a war being fought today in the Russel Raucus Caucus Room, between Republicans and Democrats which has little to do with the person of Judge Roberts. The war is being fought over whether the Senate, as the people's representatives, have a right to know what the judicial philosophy and constitutional ideology of a nominee is before the Senate (and therefore, the people) decide whether the President's political choice for nominee should ascend to the Supreme Court.

Too Little, Too Late

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Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff announces recall of FEMA Director Michael Brown from overseeing Gulf Coast remedial efforts. He heads back to D.C. where he will continue to direct all other aspects of FEMA. Vice Admiral Thad Allen from the Coast Guard will supervise the FEMA effort in the Gulf Coast. Which begs the question: If a terrorist bomb is released in Los Angeles tomorrow, won't too little, too late Michael Brown respond with the same lack of experience as he did in the Katrina disaster?

Bush Playing Blame Game

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President Bush said this morning, that he will lead the investigation, when it is time to do so, to find out what went right, and what went wrong with government's preparations and response to Katrina. He said we must know what went wrong so we can be ready if another catastrophe, WMD or natural occurs.

There are a number of problems with the Presidents thinking revealed by his statements this morning. The president is making a huge mistake assuming that there is time to put off the investigation before the next catastrophe occurs. With the CIA saying, al-Queda are in the U.S., the President must demonstrate the ability and willingness to do more than one thing at a time.

It is a sad day for Chief Justice Rehnquist's family and friends, and all who knew and respected him and his long and distinguished career. May he rest in peace.

When I heard the news last night, a picture came to mind of Bush and company convening for celebration. The picture was of celebration not over the Justice's death, but over Pres. Bush's opportunity to name the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the next 3, 4 or more decades. Of course, tomorrow the President will come out subdued and somber over the death of Justice Rehnquist, and he will attempt to help the country celebrate Justice Rehnquist's life and contribution to our nation. If President Bush holds Justice Rehnquist up as a symbol of the kind of service and dedication which all hard-working, law-abiding citizens contribute to our society, it will be a great speech and touching moment.

Upcoming federal elections may be changing before our eyes. The political consequences of Katrina could be felt for years. Katrina tested America's investment of billions of deficit dollars since 9/11 to ready our nation to better anticipate, prepare for, and respond to the next major catastrophe to hit us here at home. The Republican led government has had 4 years to study and prepare for this test. The polls are not out yet, but it is likely they will show the American people will give the Federal and affected State governments hit by Katrina, a barely passing, or even failing grade.

It is a free country still, and folks can say what they want. Attacking officials now responsible for saving lives, reducing suffering, and bringing order back to the chaos called Katrina, cannot serve a positive purpose at this time. More importantly attacking such officials increasing their stress and diverting their attention could possibly interfere with efforts to aid and serve those most in need at this time. Governors Haley Barbour (R) of Mississippi and Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) of Louisiana have many sleepless nights of worry, stress, and difficult decision making ahead of them, and I would call on the media, the pundits, and most especially political competitors to exercise the greatest of civility in assessing and evaluating the rescue efforts underway.


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