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The President is hitting the airwaves with the most stupid and illogical statements yet. Let's examine a few.

1) President Bush said on Wednesday terrorists had converged on Iraq. Duh! Is this news? Did this just happen? Is anyone briefing the President on the fact that terrorists have been coming into Iraq since we declared Victory there? Now, Mr. President, have all the terrorists converged on Iraq? Is it a convention? Apparently not, since London has some terrorists who decided not to show up in Iraq. Turkey has a few who decided not to attend. Egypt has quite a few who aren't converging. Malaysian terrorists apparently declined the invitation. Austrailia is on to a few who chose not to come. And our own government says there are cells here in the USA who apparently have not been drawn like moths to flame to the convergence on Iraq.

So, Mr. President, is it possible that the number of terrorists who have converged on Iraq over the last couple years, have been drawn by the largest US military target to be found in a single location? Could it be sir, that your insistence on putting our troops there is precisely what has drawn some terrorists there to make bomb fodder of our fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, moms, and daughters? I apologize, Mr. President. That was too complex a question for you. I understand.

2) Also on Wednesday, the President said pulling U.S.troops out of Iraq would only "embolden" the terrorists. Embolden them how, sir? Can they blow themselves up in our faces with even more fervor? How could they be even more bold, Mr. President? Are you afraid they may converge in a basement somewhere, break out the champagne and celebrate our leaving? Is that what you mean by embolden, Mr. President? If so, sir, ship them the champagne in exchange for bringing our troops home safe to also celebrate having a life to look forward to. Seems a fair exchange to me, sir.

Oh, damn! That's right, Mr. President, that would leave egg on your Presidential face wouldn't it? Well, hell, what's another couple thousand American flag draped coffins when the ego of the President is at stake. My apology sir. I just didn't think that one through very carefully.

How is it, Mr. President, on Tuesday you can commend Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank as a means of putting an end to the violence, but, on Wednesday, you say pulling out of Iraq would not. Pulling out of Iraq would have the same effect as the Israelis pulling out of the West Bank. It would remove one of the focal points for violence. I am sorry, Mr. President, but, how can you be so dense?

3) The President has said recently his tax cuts are working. What evidence does he have? Does he mean the more than 1/3 Trillion dollar deficit this year is proof the tax cuts are working? Does he mean he cut taxes so much he can no longer afford to buy a VETO pen to cut spending? Or does he mean that the tax cuts insure that we will not have the money to save Social Security. Does he mean the tax cuts combined with the no competition for lower prices in the law giving prescription drug coverage for Medicare receivers, will guarantee Medicare will no longer be affordable as our national debt tops 8 Trillion dollars?

Perhaps the evidence of the tax cuts working is that previously profitable companies and corporations have greatly increased those profits as a result, while working wages remain stagnant against the inflation of necessities like gasoline, health care costs climbing 40%, and food prices spiral. Ahh... I just got it. I just saw an article indicating RNC fundraising is beating all expectations. That's it. That is the evidence that those tax cuts are working. How could I be so dense? That is hard core black and white data evidence that the tax cuts are working and it simply can't be refuted.

One only has to read the article (2 links above) to realize the President points to increased IRS revenues as evidence his Republican tax cuts are working. But what good is it to cut revenues to spur economic growth to increase revenues all the while going further into debt? I mean, isn't that a bit like I loan you five dollars on the condition that you will loan it back to me right away? Doesn't this President realize that when a nation's debt is growing by leaps and bounds, more than 2.5 Trillion since he came into office, cutting taxes is not the answer unless cutting spending greatly exceeds the amount of tax cuts. Since, the President hasn't met a spending bill he didn't like, his cutting taxes has simply got American tax payers another day older and deeper in debt. And the President wants to make the tax cuts PERMANENT !!! What insanity is this?

4) The United States has approved full-rate production of a new Hellfire missile variant, touted by President George W. Bush for its ability to kill guerrillas in urban settings, the missile's manufacturer said on Wednesday. Appears Pres. Bush bought that one from the manufacturer, hook, line, and sinker. Appears Bush never inquired of the obvious, if it can kill guerillas in an urban environment, won't it kill non-guerillas in the immediate urban area as well? Apparently from his words, Bush touts this as a non-collateral damage missile, capable of winning over the hearts and minds of everyone else in the urban environments who aren't killed when it is used.

Does the President have a psychiatrist? I'll send a few extra bucks on my taxes to pay for one. Anyone else game?

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