Lysistrata and Mrs. Sheehan

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The Greeks wrote a play called Lysistrata. Mrs. Sheehan, camped out on our President's doorstep in Crawford, Texas is a shining example of Lysistrata's playwright's intent centuries ago. Lysistrata speaks of what the world could be if women simply refused to give men their penis measuring wars by withholding their sublime pleasures until men listened to the wisdom of motherhood.

Mrs. Sheehan is acting out an ancient tale born of the passionate desire of parents to keep their children safe and happy. She is noble in her stand, she is honest in her pleas. All the world's a stage... and politics is as inherent to the play as a parent's passion. She cannot undo the past, but feels committed to doing all she can to ensure no other mother must grieve unnecessarily for the loss of their child to what she believes is an unnecessary war.

She is right. So, are those that argue regardless of the necessity to invade Iraq, we cannot simply up and leave today with any sense of honor or dignity. The really pertinent question which remains to be answered is, if we continue in Iraq, will the day ever come when leaving can be accomplished with honor and dignity. Mrs. Sheehan apparently believes if entering the war was not dignified and honorable, exiting it never can be. I don't know, she might be right, she might not be. Time will tell.

But, everyone should celebrate Mrs. Sheehan's ability to make her voice as loud in the media as the President's, for America is not governed by a King whose voice should drown out all others. I am immensely grateful a voice such as Sheehan's can still be heard along side of that of the President's and with equal volume.


All the world is not a stage, it is a mental asylum. We are the inmates.

In fact, the witholding of sexual favors is how women do dominate men in our "free" and superior society of "America". That is why Casey died for "Her" (no, not for Cindy; for Laura). This is why pornography is an open secret in our society. Dominating women encourage its dissemination. Keeps the men under control.

By contrast, in a Muslim society, men brow beat (and physically beat) women into submission. They put them in bee-keeper suits. Pornography is not allowed. "They" despise "us" because we do not know how to keep our females under control. They worry that this out-of-control mentality might be infectious. This is why the presence of infidels near the heart of Mecca-dom cannot be stomached . This is why Osama Bin Laden is waging holy war. Read your Quoran !!! Become informed rather than being arrogantly ignorant.

anon said: "All the world is not a stage, it is a mental asylum."

Reminds me of another play, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Certainly moral decadence is something Arab Muslims find threatening in this globalization of marketplaces which threatens to take, asked for or not, western culture into every crook and cranny on earth.

Were I born and raised in Yemen or Syria and educated, I would be warning my fellow Muslims of the decadence which accompanies free markets and capitalism wherever it goes.

Having been born and raised here, however, has permitted me to become fairly oblivious to the decadence, tuning most of it out. Damned hard to keep growing adolescents from noticing however. Best I can do as a parent of one is to teach her what proper and good values are and hope she sees the difference between art and porn, elevation of the human spirit, and its degradation, respectively.

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