Sacrifice is Good: Freedom is Not

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Pres. Bush said we would not allow thugs and terrorists to frighten us away from our great love of freedom. I believe he is right, our love of freedom will only grow as we continue to give more and more of it away to legislation like the Patriot Act which comes straight out of the Nazi play book. Our willingness to live free is unquestionably being given away to the President's and Republican's fears and insatiable desire for control.

By volunteering our comings and goings and volunteering to body and baggage checks, we are submitting to the cowards whose need for ever more information about Americans and foreigners alike will grow and grow. We will submit in precisely the same manner the German people submitted to Hitler and his henchman, in the name of Patriotism and security.

Depression and terrorist headlines will prove to be a dangerous mix as we move forward. Very large numbers of Americans are already experiencing depression. Giving up freedom to a police state that checks our luggage, our handbags, our clothing, and now, even our bodies is certainly not going to be any cure for depression. Depression is a precursor to many suicides. What a waste of life to kill oneself to escape the pain of depression and loss. How enticing will it be for depressed individuals to read about suicide bombers and realize, they can end their pain and do it for a noble and justifying cause?

And what cause could justify suicide bombing by Americans in America? Why, freedom, of course. The ultimate freedom. Freedom from one's pain of depression and freedom from being unknown. Suicide bombers in America who will blow themselves up for freedom will get their names recorded in history. No longer will young suicidal Americans face dying with no one caring if they ever lived or not. Soon, they will have the cause of freedom, and the demonstration of patriotism to bolster their suicide bombing of symbols of this Republican police state, which we are becoming.

There are many ways to bolster American security without stripping Americans of their liberties and freedoms enjoyed throughout our history. But, the Republicans refuse to budge; nothing short of a police surveillance state in which every movement of every human being outside their home is recorded will make these fearful people feel safe, so they think. The truth is, nothing short of the kind of control Adolph Hitler had over his people will let these people sleep at ease.

Ladies and gentlemen, this Patriot Act is little more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more we restrict freedom in America for Americans, the more home-grown terrorists we will create, and they will have the greatest historical and most noble principle and cause of all to die for in their depressed minds, Freedom. Can any rational dispassionate mind fail to see what horrors this restriction of freedom and consent to intrusion upon our personal lives portends? Do we really want America to travel the path of Nazi Germany or champion the need for partisan rebels who use terrorism in defense of American freedom?

We have been ever increasing the power of the Presidency over the decades in response to the cold war, the Viet Nam protests and civil rights turmoil, and now the war on Terrorism. We have been eroding the checks and balances so carefully but fragilely woven into the Constitution. When does it end, this erosion of freedom? Where will it stop, this intrusion into our lives by the state? When will we wake up in America and realize we no longer live in the land of the free, and the home of the brave?

We are all being asked to sacrifice. But when a people are asked to sacrifice freedom and they yield to that request, they become a society that values sacrifice as good, and freedom as not good. Under President Bush, despite his political rhetoric to the contrary, freedom has become the enemy. Under the Republican’s leadership, freedom of travel, freedom of movement, and freedom from prying eyes of the state have all become a threat. Nothing makes this statement more emphatic than attempting to renew the Patriot Act unchanged for another decade.

Make no mistake fellow Americans, President Bush and most Republicans are working very hard against freedom in America and against you and your children's freedom today, tomorrow, and forever. And they do this because they are afraid. America cannot afford fearful leadership in this time of threat from within and without.

Home of the brave? Land of the Free? Not anymore. We are rapidly becoming the home of the fearful and land of police surveillance. If we continue on this path, those living in Communist China in 2020 will have more freedom of movement and freedom from government than we will have in America.

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