Floodgates of Political Corruption About to Open

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We as voters, are all consumers of government and its services. Our consumer voices are about to be drowned by legislation being prepared in the House of Representatives. A Bill is being prepared which will open the floodgates of bribe money from wealthy corporations into politician's hands. Public Citizen has this to report:

This legislation not only would legalize unlimited "soft money" once again by repealing parts of the recently passed Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act, it would even erase some of the critical reforms enacted in 1974 after the Watergate scandal. Richard Nixon and Tom DeLay would both love this bill.

Here's one flagrant example: Currently, wealthy individuals can give a total of no more than $101,400 to all candidates and parties in a two-year election cycle. The Ney-Pence-Wynn bill would raise this limit to $3 MILLION – a 30-fold increase. Imagine the corruption that a lobbyist for the big drug companies or the energy industry could buy with that kind of money!

If you want to protect the potency of your voice as a consumer of government and its services, click now on the Public Citizen link above to register your opposition to your Representative. Think about this, if you contribute $1000 per election cycle, and your opposition can contribute 3 million, who is your Representative going to be beholding to when it comes time for his/her vote?

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