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There's been such a large number of important and disturbing news stories this last week, I couldn't decide which to choose from. But, they need discussion and to be noticed on the political radar screen. So, here is a list of what appears to be the major bogey's coming in to view.

Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice win the incredible award for stories this week, as a new poll shows: While Cheney said in an interview in late May that it's "in its last throes," only a quarter of Americans agree. And while Rice said success in Iraq "will be a death knell for terrorism as we know it," again only about a quarter of the public believes that defeating the insurgents in Iraq would do a great deal to defeat terrorism more generally, beyond Iraq's borders. Perhaps Americans aren't as gullible as I and many others here have given them discredit for. It is just too bad the American people lost their faith in the Administration after the November elections. I won't call Americans gullible anymore, just slow!

Court: Some Ten Commandments Displays OK. The Supreme Court was split on this issue, and if our founding fathers were sitting on the court, they too no doubt would have been split.

The best comic line of the week has to go to this headline story: Bush calls freedom from torture 'inalienable human right'. The President's 'just kidding' joke however, was in extremely poor taste in my opinion.

You can tell Iraq's democracy was birthed by the United States by this story of the week: Iraq reports corruption epidemic. A democracy in our own image, we should be so proud of our bouncing new baby democracy. And a related story has some hard data on the progress against insurgents: Iraq in Crisis. Car bombers have struck Iraq 479 times in the past year, and a third of the attacks followed the naming of a new Iraqi government two months ago, according to a count compiled by the Associated Press news agency and based on reports from police, military and hospital officials.

The totally surprising and unanticipated story of the week goes to Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld Rejects Outside Panel on Gitmo. A new independent investigation of abuse allegations at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, "doesn't make sense," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sunday."

It is simply not possible to overstate the importance of this story, which broke this week. Definitely worth a read: 6 Nations Have More Than Half The World's Population. NY Post requires registration to access the story, but, its free.

China is forcing Bush to eat his own words. A while back President Bush said he was going to insure our dependence on Middle East oil decreased. In a story entitled, China's Costly Quest for Energy Control, China is sucking oil from new contracts with nations in the Western Hemisphere which comprise about half the world's oil reserves, and in so doing, it is forcing America to look to the Middle East more exclusively for its oil resources. Ooops! Upon reading this story, I can hear the President muttering to himself under his breath: "Well, this is another fine mess you have got me into".

Two other items surfaced this week which, definitely need to be on political radar screens but which aren't getting much press. They are identity theft (a rapidly growing black market industry affecting millions of Americans) and the crumbling internet which is discussed in a story entitled, Viruses, Security Issues Undermine Internet".

Anyone want to lay bets on America not bargaining with terrorists? Check out this story, Rumsfeld: U.S. officials met with Iraqi insurgents.

The Pension Crisis continues to grow: West Virginians Reject Pension Bond Plan. West Virginians have decided not to bank on the stock market to cure the state's pension problems, rejecting a measure aimed at repairing its ailing retirement system by selling up to $5.5 billion in bonds.

In another blow to the American worker at the hands of Republicans, this story broke out of the House of Representatives: House Approves Cuts to Labor Programs. Funding for job training, rural health care, low-income schools and help for people lacking health insurance would face big cuts under a bill passed Friday by the House.

Gender gap tilts back toward the Democrats. The gender gap is showing signs of returning as men and women voters react to Republicans in markedly different ways.

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