Dobson Republicans: Hope for 3rd Parties

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Dr. James Dobson is a spokesperson for 7 million Fundamentalist Right-wing Evangelical Christian (FREC) radio listeners. He told them before the 2004 election that not voting could be a sin. He and his followers are splitting the GOP's unity and could be weakening the GOP's future election potential.

Some Dobson Republicans are now calling the venerated Senators Warner and McCain traitors to their party because of the compromise of seven Republican Senators with seven Democrats to avert the nuclear option over judicial nominees before the Senate. Further, they are casting their traitor net over house Republicans who yesterday voted for a bill to grant federal tax dollars on discarded embryonic stem cell research.

Some Dobson Republicans calling in to C-Span's Washington Journal program this morning were saying they either could not vote for these Republicans in the future or they would actively contribute to unseating these Republicans in 2006 and 2008 as a result of this "bill of death", referring to the stem cell research bill. Rep. Christopher Smith who sides with Dobson issues, appeared on the same show this morning depicting use of those embryo's for research which parents wish to discard as tantamount to murder. He said the federal government should play a role in bringing those embryo's to birth so the children those embryos would produce could be adopted.

Whether or not one subscribes to the idea that FREC voters made the significant difference in GOP wins in recent elections, it appears clear GOP unity is cracking under the weight and criticism of FREC members. This 'pro-life at any cost' wing of the Republican Party is beginning to have the same effect on the GOP as the gay marriage wing of the Democratic Party had. This could spell good news for a third party like the Constitution Party whose platform conforms much more closely to FREC voter values than the big tent Republican Party.

Of course, if defections from the GOP occur by FREC voters to a third party, the GOP may lose its edge over the Democratic Party at the polls. Such a defection however, is not likely in the near future. The money and number of FREC representatives in the GOP will not leave the GOP without exhausting their effort to overtake the party. And that is the internal GOP battle that will play out over at least the next two election cycles.

Moderate Republicans have already demonstrated with the filibuster compromise and the House's stem cell bill, that they will not roll over to the FREC's. President Bush's vow to veto the House's stem cell bill highlights the visibility of the schism in the GOP which will dominate GOP politics in future elections.

Being an Independent voter who supported Ralph Nader and some Green Party candidates in the past, it is my fervent hope that the divides in both the Democratic and Republican parties will eventually lead to growth in third parties like the Green and Constitution Parties. Such moves would foster a restoration of moderates and centrists in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Such a divesting of more extreme factions within each major party would result in more bi-partisan legislation as well as fostering more long term application of solutions to America's biggest problems.

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