The UN and the Bolton Nomination

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As I see it we have 3 choices regarding reforming the UN.

Choice 1 - tell them to change or we will withdraw support. That is a false choice since that will leave a UN in greater hands of those who would oppose our interests. Also sets a dangerous precedent for our allies. The last thing the US and freedom loving people need is a United Nations Against The US (UNATUS), despite the fact that it 3/5 of the way already exists.

Choice 2 - Go in demanding changes and backing those demands up with threat. In the end, this choice has the same outcome as choice 1 above.

Choice 3 - Send a representative to the UN who will demonstrate to the world that the US will lead by example, doing what we ask others to do, and promising only what we can back up with integrity and actions. Also send a representative who is as much like PT Barnum as we can find.

Now the problem with choice 3 is we do not have leadership in government that is willing to do what it asks of others. We initiated the Kyoto agreement and then refused to sign on. We ask others to dismantle nuclear capability while we make public our development of ever newer nuclear capability (star wars and low yield bunker busting nukes). It really doesn't matter what Ambassador we send if the government he/she represents lacks credibility and integrity in the eyes of the rest of the world.

It is one thing for the administration to PR its way into office, quite another to try to PR the wool over the rest of the world's eyes. Consequential evidence that we are losing face in the world was last weeks meetings between Arab Nations and S. America, and the uphill battle Bush is fighting to negotiate with Central America, and China's statement that there is no credible evidence of N. Korea's creating new nuclear weapons, (whether in fact they are or not). Other nations aren't taking our word for it anymore, even if American voters still are.

The US has first to regain some credibility in the world before it is going to be able to lead positive changes in the UN. Scolding the UN while our own house is in such disarray is not going to move the UN one inch closer to our vision of what it should be.

I would start by announcing an end to star wars R&D, (we can't afford that black hole for money anyway). Announce a halt to all further nuclear weapon development by the US, would help a great deal (we have enough end the human race already, that should be enough).

I would follow up with concrete and indisputable legislation that would put our financial future back on solid ground. To the rest of the world, our out of control national debt constitutes a threat to other economies in the world over the next couple decades. Let's show some integrity about world economics by taking real steps to insure a sound future American economy upon which other nations both will and want to rely upon for stability in their own nations.

Finally, I would announce that our efforts in the war on terrorism will be waged directly with terrorists and not innocent men, women, and children in the nations in which those terrorists may be found. Where incursion into other nation's borders will be required, announce that we will do so only with the cooperation of the UN security council.

That would be a good start for a Christian President. Do unto others as one would have them do unto you. Put an end to this, 'we will because we can foreign policy' which simply widens the chasm between us and other nations as well as us and our own goals.

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