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Bush's Big Gamble

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The President took to TV this week to try to shore up his and the GOP Congress' poll numbers damaged by his privatizing of Social Security plan. He proposed a plan to save Social Security by cutting benefits. And why is cutting benefits necessary? So that taxes could be cut, yet again. The goal has not changed. The President is still intent on dismantling Social Security. This is just another approach to do so piecemeal, which permits him to lie through his teeth using the words, "Our duty to save Social Security begins with making the system permanently solvent..."

The We - Me Debate

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Politically speaking, according to the polls, Pres. Bush should drop pushing privatizing of Social Security. The more he pushes it, the worse his and the GOP congress' polls become. ABC News has two polls, one reported on the 8th and another on the 25th of April, showing the GOP may be in trouble in 2006 on domestic policy. Even Alan Greenspan, the Republican Chairman of the Federal Reserve has recommended saving Social Security in order to save the economy in the future.

Tomorrow, the House will vote on a Bankruptcy Reform bill. I called Congressman Lamar Smith this afternoon and explained to his aide the details of why I and my family strongly urge him to vote against this bill. Bankruptcy reform is needed to get at the fraudulent abuse of the system. The bill proposed however, will cause hardship for, and servitude to, the banks and credit card companies by hard working, honest Americans who due either to large medical expenses or unavoidable loss of work/significant drop in income, have come up short on paying their bills.

Dethrone the Doctors

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My sister is about to undergo surgery for lymphatic and lung cancer. She is 43. Therefore, I was drawn to two stories in the news yesterday about doctors. Political focus should also be drawn onto these two stories. They are, Medical Boards Let Physicians Practice Despite Drug Abuse and After Stealing Drugs, Doctor Goes to Rehab. It is high time to dethrone these kings life and death.

Who wants their name associated with bad mouthing doctors? Let's face it, we are all going to need one eventually. Would any of us feel secure being grudged by the medical community at a time of need for medical attention? Regardless, the royal occupation of physician has too long enjoyed the double standards of law and policy. The laws of the United States are constitutionally to apply to all persons equally. When Doctors steal drugs for their personal use and are caught and reported to the Medical review boards, it is criminal that those peer review boards would respond by telling the thief they must enter rehabilitation to avoid other penalties.


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