Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances

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Bob Barr (R), was on C-span today supporting a bi-partisan organization called by this article's title. Their goal is to move legislation over the next two years to revise the Patriot Act on certain key provisions in an attempt to restore civil liberties potentially lost under the act. Barr said the Whitehouse was the only primary the voice in enacting the Patriot Act, and it is time the American people's voice was incorporated into the Patriot Act since the Act has consequences to the civil liberties of American citizens.

Bravo! Bob Barr. Bravo! Thank you for negating all those arguments by those in the Red column from months gone passed who defended the Patriot Act against criticisms from the left on this very issue. I highly recommend any and all who have expressed concern over the Patriot Act to click on the link above and give your support.

Now the question should be raised, are these Patriots for Checks and Balances suddenly motivated due to the realization of the potential dangers inherent in the Patriot Act, or, is this a case of some on the right joining with some on the left because election season begins again in less than the two years they intend to work on this? In the end, that is not the main question. The main question is whether Bush will veto changes proposed in his ardent attempt to not let civil liberties stand between him and his record of perfection?

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