Bush's GOP: Save The World, Screw Americans

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(Reuters) - The White House estimated on Tuesday that the U.S. budget deficit for 2005, including an extra $80 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan operations, will total $427 billion.

"In the 2006 budget that we release on Feb. 7, OMB will estimate that the 2005 deficit, including the outlay effects from the supplemental we are discussing today, will be 3.5 percent of GDP or in nominal terms $427 billion," said a senior administration official in a news briefing.

The GOP is revving up its 'save the world and screw working and poor Americans' policies. The GOP has no problem deficit spending to aid Indonesians, or to build a new Iraq, or wage war for oil and corporate profits. But when it comes to Social Security, sorry! Deficit spending to aid Americans is a no-no which must be reformed. The GOP has no problem chalking up 3 trillion dollars to our national debt in tax cuts for the wealthy, the corporations, and investors, but, we must reform the legal system so that the little guy is left at the mercy of insider traders, defective manufacturers, and drunk or fatigued doctors who will have the last incentive to exercise due diligence removed through the removal of punitive damages in the courts.

The GOP fashioned the Medicare Reform in such a way as to bankrupt it as soon as possible by removing the competitive discounts Medicare should have received from pharmaceuticals, and cutting a donut hole in the coverage to send the elderly into poverty before major medical expenses could be covered. The GOP can find deficit dollars to support religious based organizations but, can't find the courage to back a pay as you go government to protect future generations from the selfishness and greed of this generation's Congress. The GOP can find salary and benefit raises for themselves in government positions but can't find the will to raise the minimum wage in this country to a level affording a person an apartment of their own.

I too could run up a $140,000 on my credit cards and live high on the hog for a year or two. But, eventually, I will bankrupt and heave the load of all that debt onto future taxpayers and consumers just the way the GOP Congress is doing now. Bush came into office with about a 5.5 trillion dollar national debt. His and the GOP Congress' legacy will be a 10 plus trillion dollar national debt. And that folks is now hard cold data verified and promoted by the Government itself. Kinda' makes you wonder if that is what they are willing to admit, what further damage to American's future are they not confessing?

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