In The Name Of Good: Evil May Come

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The President's Inaugural Speech was not specific on foreign policy plans. It was full of promise for liberating oppressed peoples in the world using the words freedom and liberty numerous times to describe America's foreign policy goals. The Constitution of the U.S. does not contain any such mandates to liberate peoples of other nations.

The Constitution does not outline war as a virtue in the name of freeing people from their governments. The Constitution of the U.S. does outline the duties and responsibilities of our government to protect and defend our nation and to engage in international trade and trade regulation. So, where does the President get his mandate for liberating the world's peoples and mirroring their governments, cultures, and societies to reflect our own?

Some conservatives responding to an article entitled, President Bush's Second Inaugural Address argue oppressed peoples have not the weapons to combat their repressive regimes. They argue this is where Bush's mandate to free people comes from. Where are the sophisticated weapons in the hands of the insurgents in Iraq? Iraq is rapidly spiraling out of control against the greatest military strength on earth. How are Iraqi insurgents so able to unhinge U.S. military intent without sophisticated weaponry to match our own? The argument that oppressed people lack sophisticated weaponry as defense of their lack of revolution and therefore, justification for US intervention, simply does not hold up to scrutiny.

It does not matter what weapons are available, if there is a will to be free, freedom will find the tools and weapons to fight for it. China has absolutely overpowering numbers of citizens which could overwhelm the most sophisticated of weaponry. Fact is, the will is not there. And where the will is not there, assistance will be futile at worst, and marginal and very, very costly at best. Can we not learn from Viet Nam and Iraq? Creating or abetting civil wars are NOT in the interest of the American public. We rue our Viet Nam experience, and a growing majority is beginning to rue our invasion of Iraq.

The fact is, regardless of government type, communist or democracy, monarchy or fascist, if the people have work, sustenance, a reasonable measure of security and hope for the future of their offspring, the will to fight and die for change will be absent. Non democratic governments are NOT inherently evil in the eyes of their citizens. Deprivation of what citizens need for themselves and their children dictate whether a government is viewed as evil by its citizens. Today, increasingly, numbers of Iraqis are viewing the US as evil and are beginning to look back on the Saddam regime as more beneficial than the lives they now live under the American influence.

Anyone who views intrusion, invasion, sanctions, and other meddling in the affairs of other cultures and nations as justified by political ideology is ignorant at best of the lessons of history, and overwhelmingly dangerous toward the lives and welfare of large numbers of men, women, and children of the nations they intend to help through death and destruction. I am reminded of the Christian Church of the Inquisition, which in the name of saving souls, tortured, maimed, imprisoned, and murdered great numbers of people for their own Good.

Invasion, sanctions, and intrusion upon other societies will always result in evil, and such evil can only be justified by a real case of self-defense as in victory over Japan or Germany in WWII, or where the numbers saved will far outweigh the numbers being lost in such a nation (former Yugoslavia or Rwanda, or even Darfur).

The wisdom of Christ, Ghandi, and Buddha seem ever lost on those with power and overwhelming military might. War is evil. Sanctions which deprive a nation's people are evil, and interference with other nations in the instigation of civil war, is evil. Such evil acts can only be justified in defense of even greater evil experienced by the perpetrators, and sometimes, not even then, depending on the outcome.

If Bush wants to talk democratic expansionist, imperialist dogma and rhetoric to shore up American support, that is one thing. If he intends to embark upon war to free other peoples in the world, BUSH is as evil a leader as any with expansionist and imperialist designs.

The fact is, neocons (new conservatives) believe they need to expand exports, and drive down costs of imports to profit their investments and holdings. Non-democratic societies constitute barriers to marketing and sales of American goods and services. The freedom the neocons refer to spreading around the world, is the freedom to buy American. And the initial cost to the peoples of such societies will be death, destruction, and loss, to pave the way when one day, they may become good consumers of everything America wants to sell.

Ask the Chinese if they would like America to invade China to free them? Ask the Iranians? Ask the Cubans. The majority will answer with a resounding "HELL NO" !!!! Ask Americans if they would choose to be invaded in the hopes of having a better life and system someday. HELL NO !!!!

There is everything to be commended in providing information, example, and options to peoples living under repressive regimes. There is everything to be commended in letting them know we will stand ready and willing to assist them if they, en masse, attempt to throw off the yoke of their oppressors and ask for our help.

There is everything to be condemned in projecting our views of how the peoples of other societies need our unsolicited and militaristic help in such matters. That is evil, and we the evil imperialists, to make such decisions for them.

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