Russia proving error of voting for Bush

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The U.S. opened a Pandora's Box when it developed and used nuclear weapons in WWII and then utterly failed in its nuclear non-proliferation efforts. President Bush is bankrupting America with a "star wars" defense system which has seen billions wasted on basic tests of the system which failed. Now, Russia has made the "star wars" defense system obsolete before we can even get a defensive missile to even marginally work the way it is supposed to.

The "star wars" (National Missile Defense NMD) system has been criticized as a horrible investment of tax dollars by scientists and experts since its introduction in the Reagan years. Now, will Bush finally give it up and stop this hemorrhage of wasteful tax spending?

The answer is NO! Young people, you will rue the day you did not turn out at the polls to unseat this President and Republican Congress who are spending your future earnings like drunken Democrats. The National Debt is more than 7.6 Trillion dollars, and about 1.5 billion dollars is spent each day to pay the interest on that debt. Before Bush leaves office, he plans to add about 2 trillion dollars more to that debt with privatizing of Social Security.

He also plans on cutting government spending for the poor, the aged, the young, worker displaced, students, and a host of other American groups to defend his attempt to cut deficits to about 240 billion per year by 2009. That means at least another 1 Trillion added to the debt. Yes, you will be paying more for less. Sound familiar?

Young people will be paying the interest on that 10 plus Trillion Dollar Bush sponsored national debt (budget veto pen never used) in addition to paying down that debt to a more sustainable level for most of their work lives. Yet, Bush will continue to transfer tax dollars to the defense industry via the "star wars" system which is already obsolete. I am glad I am over 50. I have lived through the best times America has seen. It is looking downhill from here and I have sympathy for my 14 year old daughter and will discuss with her, her options in a couple more years.

The Cold War and nuclear arms race are heating up not only with Russia, but, not yet on the radar, is the race with China. Bush committed a huge mistake when he sanctioned the announcement of withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty early in his first term. Young Americans will pay for that decision for at least another 30 years with renewed arms races and cold war scenarios.

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