Ground Floor Grassroots Effort to Unite Third Parties

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Last month I wrote an article here entitled United: A chance! - Divided: No Chance! in which it was recommended that third parties find their common ground and goals, and unite under one umbrella toward those ends in the next election, pooling efforts and resources on the national level. I was alerted yesterday, that a petition to the third parties asking for just that, has just been opened up for signatures on the internet.

If you believe the Democratic and Republican Parties need to have some real competition in future elections forcing their agendas toward the common sense, middle or the road American citizens and policies, visit the Petition Online and add your name to the cause. It is quick and simple and takes less than half a minute to add your name to this most worthy cause.


It seems that many in the establishment are afraid to talk about this possibility. Could it be that the PEOPLE stand a chance of Uniting to take the country back from the corrupt interests of religious fanaticism and corporate profit?

It seems that this idea is met regularly with opposition from lots of places. I would like to point out that this is the only way for the PEOPLE of America to stand up to the corruption of religious fanaticism and corporate profit that is currently in COMPLETE CONTROL.

Citizens of America, it is time to stand up and do something!

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