The Non-draft Draft and American Non-security

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The Non-draft Draft: Soldiers are suing the Bush government for breach of contract in preventing them from exiting the armed forces on the dates they thought they agreed to when they enlisted. This is going to be a policy full of unintended consequences. The Bush administration likely has no sympathy for a bunch of troops who just don't appreciate fine print or lack patriotic courage in the face of death or maiming after their discharge date has passed. That's fine.

But, what does it say to young men around this country who have been debating themselves over whether to enlist or not? Can the American military afford to create disincentives to potential enlistees given President Bush's assurances he will not reinstate the draft? Can the U.S. afford to fight the axis of evil without increasing its enlistments beyond the inevitable attrition rates of casualties and discharges? Is President Bush in fact, backing off of the war on terrorism and with Iran and N. Korea because of the lack of military manpower and his promises not to reinstate the draft? If he is, he is exposing Americans to the greatest future threat possible, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by N. Korea and acquisition of nuclear weapons by a known terrorist sponsor state, Iran.

It is a good thing young men in this country aren't interested in foreign affairs or recruitments would go down even further. In the headlines yesterday the Washington Post broke a story about how the military covered up a botched operation which killed American football hero, Pat Tillman, in a friendly fire incident. The reports issued by the military for public consumption hid the botched command and communications operations which got Tillman killed. The Washington Post revealed the presence of internal military documents which told the true story, which would not inspire much confidence in potential enlistees. Best to just lie, or hide the truth from them, after all, it is only their lives they are volunteering.

American Non-security: Rep. Duncan Hunter, with the aid of a few GOP cohorts, covered and spun a truly embarrassing week for Duncan in a press conference on Monday. In the morning, a Democratic Representative on the Armed Forces Committee, which Hunter chairs, showed up on Washington Journal on C-span implying to Americans that that Rep. Hunter apparently had never read the Bill. She stated that Duncan's objections were over items which had always been in place and had not been altered in the new bill. Rep. Hunter was holding up the bill's passage over items that were a complete non-issue and were already in accordance with Duncan's wishes.

This was evidenced when Duncan, Warner, and other GOP members, in their afternoon press conference, went on and on about how their concerns had been answered but, without ever saying or indicating that a single word had been changed in the Bill to accommodate their objections. Duncan was concerned about the CIA controlling spy satellites for the Dept. of Defense (DoD) needs, when he learned that the CIA has always controlled those satellites for the DoD and the Pentagon had no problem with this. Additionally, Duncan was concerned about the chain of command control in the field of operations which had already been addressed in the Intelligence Bill to his liking. The problem, apparently, was that Duncan hadn't read it, and was unwilling to take others word that these items were OK in the Senate-House compromise Bill as written. Many viewers still saw the egg on Duncan's face and the GOP machine in action covering up for their own. Makes one wonder what criteria are used in selecting these committee chairpersons.

There is a philosophical split occurring in the GOP over border security. The President has made it abundantly clear he wants the borders open to immigrant traffic which supports our nations low wage jobs. Others in the GOP are growing frustrated with the President's policy because it is interfering with their efforts to effectively craft and plan for border security which will deter terrorists from getting in, or sending in destruction upon the American people. Much wrangling went on over the inclusion of border security in the Intelligence Bill, but, in the end, if the President was to sign it, effective border security was going to have to be left out of the bill, and so it was. This issue will become contentious between the President and GOP congressional members in the next regular session of Congress as border security bills are drafted as separate legislation.

Border security is not going to be cheap, and on that, there is little debate. This begs the question: is President Bush dragging his feet on border security in order to at least attempt to keep his 'cut the deficit in half' promise? Given that the President has still not used his veto pen on the pork and wasteful spending by Congress, one has to wonder if the President's political obligations are interfering with his 'Commander in Chief defense of the nation' obligations. The President is expected to sign this pork and waste "monstrosity" Omnibus budget bill that just passed through Congress. If he does, it will be further evidence of the President's devotion to supporters and political buddies being higher on his priority list than keeping Americans safe in their jobs, schools, and homes. The President wants money for sex abstinence education but, won't commit to securing our borders. That appears to say much about the President's priorities.

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