President Bush Does Not Have a Plan!

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Scott McClellan, President Bush's spokesperson to the press, said today in his press briefing that the President does not have a plan for Social Security. Instead, McClellan said, the President has a set of principles. McClellan states the President is committed to not passing on the tax burden for Soc. Sec. in current form to future generations. Also, that the President is reaching out to Congress on both sides of the aisle to come up with a plan to continue Social Security.

One thing McClellan said is indisputable. The President does not have a plan for Social Security. The majority of Americans do not want Social Security to fail as a safety net for our elderly or for themselves when they retire, after society has no further use for them. The President presents the image of being committed to saving Social Security so America does not discard its elderly to the alleys and gutters of society. But, is the image an illusion?

The current system comes with something all alternatives lack, a full faith and credit guarantee backed by the United States Government that the social security checks will arrive in the mail to those who paid into the system. This is clearly one aspect of Social Security that the President is committed to doing away with. The President wants to replace a guaranteed retirement supplement with a Private Savings Account (PSA) model that will not provide any guarantee for minimal living standards tied to cost of living at the time of retirement.

As for not passing the tax burden on to future generations, that is a bold faced lie to the American people. The PSA will be funded by a percentage of paycheck deductions now coming out of funding for Social Security. This means less revenue taken in by the government to fund Social Security, plain and simple. If Social Security continues, the costs of it will continue to be passed on to future generations as it has in the past. The PSA deductions will have to be replaced by general tax revenues.

Since we are currently running deficits and a huge national debt, that means the Transition Costs of keeping Soc. Sec. funded minus the Private Savings Account revenues, will be added to the deficits and national debt. The deficits and national debt are simply a way of passing the cost of spending now on to future generations. The President's statement that he wants to avoid passing the Social Security tax burden to future generations is just a plain flat out lie. There is no way to save Soc. Sec. without passing its deficit period's costs to future generations. Which begs the question, is the President really committed to saving it, or destroying it?

Beware! Scott McClellan is stating that the Cost of the Transition from Social Security deductions to PSA deductions while keeping Social Security funded, is not a cost, but a Savings! Folks, George Orwell would be proud of the Whitehouse's DoubleSpeak and NewSpeak designed entirely to deceive. The President's spokesperson says if we do nothing it will cost more, therefore, the transition costs are not costs at all, but a savings.

Either the President intends to 1) start cutting Social Security benefits for current recipients in order to allow the working generation to pull money out of Soc. Sec. and redirect it into the Private Savings Accounts or, 2) the President intends to keep current recipients benefits the same which will pass the transition costs to the deficit and national debt to be paid for by future tax payers, or, 3) the President intends to under fund Social Security until the day arrives, (hastened by the PSA's) when there is insufficient federal revenues to sustain Soc. Sec, at which time the program simply ends. If it ends, those with PSA's will have some money for retirement, but, less than Soc. Sec. now provides, and those millions upon millions without PSA's will simply not have a Soc. Sec. plan to keep them from bankruptcy, and cardboard boxes in alleys.

Think of rolling hills as far as one can see. That is Social Security funding. Over the decades the program has run deficits, then surpluses, then deficits and now surpluses, and in another decade or two, another deficit period. The only problem with Soc. Sec. funding is that Congress has so deepened our national debt through deficit spending, that there will be no revenue surpluses to draw from to carry us through the valley of the next deficit period to the next hilltop of surpluses again.

What is wrong with Soc. Sec. is the Congress and the people who continue to reelect these fiscal idiots with no regard for spending discipline and even less for the intelligence of the American people. You the voters who voted to reelect Congress persons reelected this problem, now the President, in essence is correctly saying live with your decision. The President however, really can't get off the hook that easily, however, because of the veto pen.

If the President was sincerely committed to saving Social Security, he would veto every dime of pork spending, wasteful spending, and fraudulent spending by the Congress, thus helping to insure deficits and debt do not derail the Social Security system. But, that concept is abhorrent to the President, because, he clearly believes those who can afford to retire on their own should, and those who can't, well, that is their own fault and the wealthy should not have to pick up the burden of old, useless, retired people who don't work anymore. Let them eat cat food and go without medications or housing, that will be good for America by getting rid of them that much sooner. These may not be the thoughts that Bush dreams about at night, but, they could well be the consequences of his Presidency.

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