Congress and Fallujah.

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Two questions. If you don't stop Congress now, when will you? And second, now that we and the new Iraqi interim government have killed thousands of Sunnis, can we convince them that voting us out at the ballot box will succeed?

In this lame duck session of Congress, your representatives are going to raise the debt limit to 8 Trillion Dollars; we are at $7.5 trillion national debt now. If the American people were to write the representatives and tell them to hold the line on our national debt, would they listen? It is after all, a republic, designed so that representatives are not obligated to follow the dictates of the people. What would we do if they refused to listen to the wisdom of the people? More importantly, if the American people won't tell them to hold the line now, what will it take to make them do so: Another depression like in the 1930's? That of course would be the wrong time to constrain spending. See the Catch 22?

Why would the Sunni's believe that the ballot box would yield results which bullets could not? Why would the Sunni's, after they have buried their dead, of course, have any desire to go along with the idea that the ballot box will bring them what they want as we and the interim government seem to be promising?

In fact, what is to stop the Sunnis from, for the lack of arms currently, going along with the elections toward the aim of moving the U.S. out of the picture, then taking over the nation once we are gone? In other words, what has the U.S. or the interim government done for the Sunnis that would endear them toward democracy?


Let's face the reality here.. we will likely never be able to answer those questions unless and until the general public views politics on its substance platform rather than the style of the candidates. When the public, as a whole, can overcome this...maybe then we can begin accomplishing more important things in our government. It is however suffice to say that no politician is going to just give up in having the ultimate control. There are too many [recent] examples proving this


I could not agree with you more, Christopher. Education and specifically a huge emphasis upon civics in Jr. High, and High School, are so important to bringing this about. But, sadly, civics based on issue exploration from multiple perspectives has been on the wane for a couple decades now and far below its heyday in the late '50's and 60's.

7.2 Million Americans now reside permanently overseas, this is but one of many reasons that number is so large.

--David R. Remer

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