Too Close to Call

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Ohio appears to be the new Florida of the 2000 race. As of 4:08 AM on Wednesday morning, despite other writer's claims of a win for the President, it is still too close to call according to MSNBC's Electoral College map. As Sen. John Edwards said, it will not be over until every vote counts and every vote is counted. Thus, Sen. Kerry has not conceded the race. The President is growing impatient as daylight approaches in a couple hours, for one of the too close to call states, to be completely counted and throw any one of those states into his column to put him up past the 269 Electoral College (EC) votes which has been unchanged since around midnight.

With so many state races showing just thousands of votes difference between Kerry and Bush, those absentee ballot counts and provisional ballot counts could yet make the difference. There is no question that the President has won the popular vote which exceeds the total amount of absentee and provisional ballots yet uncounted. But, in the individual states, those uncounted ballots could spell an Electoral College win for Kerry in New Mexico, Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio.

In any one of these too close to call states except Ohio, should the final count go to Bush, President Bush will declare himself a winner since that would put him over the 270 EC votes needed as he takes Ohio for granted as a win for him. Sometime today, hopefully, these states will have counted a sufficient number of votes to declare for sure which way the state has gone. If they all go for Kerry, and Ohio remains in the Bush column, then each candidate will have 269 EC votes (tentatively) and all eyes, and all lawyers will flock to Ohio. Also, the determination of the who will be President will go to the House of Representatives to break the tie.

Ohio holds out 20 Electoral College votes and Democrats believe they have the votes to take Ohio and will not concede that state at this point, nor any time soon if all the other states in question go to the Kerry camp. Though Ohio has been called for Bush, the count is so close (145,000 votes) that any number of factors including provisional ballots, overseas ballots, military ballots, and voter fraud will be examined entirely before Kerry will concede Ohio.

Clearly, the Kerry camp believes the votes are there for Kerry in Ohio. All the vote counters have gone home to sleep. So it may be Wednesday afternoon or later before we know if all those too close to call states have indeed gone to the Kerry camp. If any one goes to Bush, Bush will declare his win. But, even if Bush declares a win, Ohio looms as the Florida to threaten Bush's declaration as winner once again.

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