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Vote! I can't get too excited about going to vote for Kerry or Bush, but, there are a number of other offices on the ballot and some state issues and candidates that are very important close to home. If the Presidential election has turned you off, don't let it stop you from going to vote on all these other ballot initiatives, local issues, and federal, state, and local officials. It really is a very important election even if Bush and Kerry both lost to Mickey Mouse.

I am an independent voter. Because of the national debt, I will have to pay for the interest on that debt and get nothing back for it, and higher taxes are guaranteed in my daughter's future because of the 7.4 trillion dollar growing national debt. I am going to the polls to vote against every federal incumbent running for reelection. Congress and the President are the folks who submitted the budgets and passed the spending, much of it having nothing to do with Iraq or the war on terrorism, or homeland defense, and they should be held responsible for sinking our future earnings and disposable income.

Neither Bush nor Kerry are going save us from higher taxes, because the national debt cannot now be stopped from reaching a minimum of near 9 trillion dollars. Libertarian Candidate Badnarik might save us from some higher taxes with a heavy use of the veto pen. President Bush however, has not used his veto pen even once in all the time he has been in office to reduce government spending or reduce the size of government. Sen. Kerry, if elected would use the veto pen, though whether it would be used to stop spending growth or just change priorities for increased spending is not clear. I will vote for Nader as a write in candidate. The reason is simple. The direction this nation is headed has simply got to change, and the Republicans and Democrats are the folks who steered our nation toward elective war, record deficits and national debt, and decreasing the spending power and wages for 10's of millions of Americans over these last 4 years. I simply cannot vote for more of the same for my daughter's sake as well as my wife's and my own.

The Electoral College will likely elect Kerry according to predictors tonight, and President Bush may eek out a very small popular vote win. If that is the case, the outdated and archaic Electoral College devised to compensate for an illiterate and uninvolved citizenry, has simply got to change drastically, or be done away with. But, that would be a 2008 issue. It is however, so vitally important that Americans do vote and that they do so in record numbers.

I think of it this way. If I am confronted with an assailant who has a gun and a sword and intends to do me serious harm, and all I have is a pen knife in my pocket, I can choose to let the assailant do his will, or fight back with the only weapon I have, however small it may be. The vote may be a very small weapon in the scheme of the struggle between the government and its citizens, but, it and the exercise of free political speech are the only weapons we have, and we should maximize their use to defend ourselves.

And yes, in many ways our government is our enemy. It takes our money and gives us nothing back for it (interest on the debt), it offers us careers for life for joining the armed forces and then elects unnecessary wars and ends those lives before they even have a chance to apply for a career, and it refuses to govern from the middle and majority view of Americans, preferring instead trading off from election to election, extreme ideological agendas that are not the choice of the majority of Americans. Where is the fulfillment of the promises from our politicians? Where is the quality education for all promised for 50 years? Where is the fiscal responsibility that would put an end to our tax dollars paying interest to fat cat investors? Where is the clean water we have to drink, the clean streams and rivers, and the clean air we have been promised for 4 decades?

Where are the vaccines that were supposed to immunize us from pandemics? Where is the affordable health care and prescriptions? Where is the education to help us move from outsourced jobs to better technology jobs? Where is the completion of the war on drugs, the war on crime? Where are the cops when speeders pass us at 75 to 95 mph on a regular basis? Where is the promise of one person, one vote? Platitudes and promises designed for one purpose, to get votes. Having gotten the votes, those promises almost immediately turn into excuses and finger pointing and fodder for the next election campaigns spin.

Go Vote! Go Vote for yourself. Go Vote against your incumbent regardless of party affiliation. It is the least you can do for your own future and that of our children. Write in Mickey Mouse, it really can’t hurt, and ironically may force politicians in 2006 and 2008 to take us the voters, seriously.


DEMOCRATS spend money for the general Welfare of ALL AMERICANS, instead of Corporate Welfare for the Few! The DEMOCRATS spread the Wealth around to ALL Americans, to Southerners, To Northerners, To Westerners, To Easterners---WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!

The DEMOCRATS fight to better the LIVES of ALL AMERICANS-to increase WAGES and SALARIES, to Increase Better Working Conditions, and to increase Benefits for ALL AMERICANS! The ECONOMY is MORE ROBUST with the DEMOCRATS in the PRESIDENCY!

Voting Democratic is voting for a MORE RESPONSIVE GOVERNMENT!

A DEMOCRATIC Government Listens to the People and is more responsive and caring about the Needs and wants of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

DEMOCRATS support and initiate Protection of the Air and Water of the U.S., for us and our children!

DEMOCRATS WILL work to balance the BUDGET, so it doesn’t creep up on us like a thief in the night!

DEMOCRATS WILL work to augment and increase VETERAN BENEFITS and their programs!




Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy were “DIRTY DEMOCRATIC LIBERALS” and made the U.S. a better place for us in the World!

D. King

Thanks for the reply to this article. The Democrats have very noble humanitarian values. If they would marry those values to fiscal responsibility and drop the divisive minority issues within the party like gay marriage and the pro-partial birth abortion, they may just become a majority party again. Until then, I will stick with Ralph Nader on progressive issues and the Libertarians on fiscal issues.

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