Clinton as Secretary General of the U.N.

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A vote for Bush is a vote for Koffi Annan remaining the head of the U.N. or his being replaced by another nation's nominee. A vote for Kerry is a vote that opens the potential of former President Bill Clinton being nominated to lead the United Nations as its new Secretary General. I have had a hard time finding any really important reason for supporting Kerry aside from sending Bush back to Crawford. But, now that there is some reliable scuttlebutt from United Press International about Clinton going for the U.N. position, supporting Kerry just got a whole lot more palatable.

The deal here is that the when Koffi Annan's term expires in 2006, elections will be held for the position. Given the scandals in the U.N. of late, and the common impression that the United Nations is, and has been, failing its mission statement for far too long, it is unlikely Annan would even attempt to run for another term. Now world opinion has a majority negative opinion of George W. Bush, and any nominee for Secretary General put forth by Bush, would be viewed around the world as suspect and even dangerous. One of the latest reasons the world has to distrust President Bush lies in an article published on the 17th of this month in Global Policy Forum which outlines Bush's retaliation against nations and the consequences resulting from nations refusing to shield Americans from war-crimes court. Thus, if Bush is reelected, there is no chance the U.S. could place one of its own as head of the U.N.

If Sen. John Kerry is elected however, everything changes. Former President Bill Clinton is admired and respected throughout the third world. While he likely does not have such support by some of the voting nations on the Security Council, they are a mere handful compared the great number of third world nations who would have a vote in determining the next Secretary General. Since, an insider is reporting Clinton is very interested in the job, and with Kerry as President, Clinton's nomination to the post by then President Kerry, could become a quick and done deal. Especially if Clinton's coming out onto the campaign trail this coming week for Kerry proves to be the clincher for Kerry's election.

There are a great many positive ramifications for the United States should Clinton become the next Secretary General. Not the least of which is that U.S. interests would become agenda items. For all of the personal and moral trials Clinton experienced in his second term as President, his organizational skills, his immense and charismatic ability to bring groups of people together across issue divides, and his ability to explain the complex in simple and persuasive terms, could all be put to tremendous use in restoring the credibility and functionality of the United Nations in living up to its charter's mission statement and roles.

Put simply, if Bush is reelected, the U.S. has no hope of seating an American as head of the U.N. and thus gaining the tremendous advantage to our war on terror and goal of reducing international threats against the U.S. through the use of the United Nations, which has been at such odds with the Bush Administration. If Kerry is elected however, all that becomes possible. It appears to me it is time to pull out my wallet for a donation to the Kerry campaign now that there is a very positive reason for doing so, even as I vote for Ralph Nader, .

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