Korbach: A Commendable Agenda

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Kris Kobach (R) has come out in support of a policy I have advocated since before the invasion of Iraq. Kobach is calling for putting troops on our borders and shutting out potential terrorists and a huge drain on the American economy through illegal immigration. Finally, a Republican who has taken up the right side of an issue which I can wholeheartedly support.

Kobach has degrees from a number of Ivy League schools and teaches and is endorsed by the United States Immigration Reform PAC. Koback states on his campaign web site:

In addition, I will lead congressional efforts to restore the rule of law in immigration. An estimated 8-10 million illegal aliens are currently residing in the United States. Of these, an estimated 400,000 are so-called "absconders" - aliens who have already had their day in immigration court and have been ordered deported. Instead of obeying the judges' orders, they flaunted the law and became fugitives. Many of these absconders are involved in other criminal activity as well. This atmosphere of lawlessness must end. It is estimated that illegal immigration costs the United States over $40 billion a year.

We have the electronic technology to surveil our coasts and landed borders. We can put sufficent personnel in strategic locations to function as intrusion response teams. We only need the political will and smart decisions on how to fund such an investment in this one and only viable method of securing our nation as adequately as possible from external attacks terrorist attacks.

I highly recommend Kansans support Kobach's bid for Congress. Just so no one gets confused about my affiliation, the idea of supporting yet another Republican to Congress is enough to make me want to Ralph again and again on November 2. But, the right is sometimes right; and Kobach is right on this issue.

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