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So much focus on 'Kerry said, No, Bush said', it is easy to lose sight of a huge number of other political events taking place as we move closer to Election Day. It seemed appropriate to address some of the news that is falling under voter's radar. Libertarian presidential candidate Badnarik is on the ballot in Texas I discovered last night. Texas is a heavy Republican state, and Badnarik is a very conservative candidate. Given Bush's far less conservative actions on many issues, it will be interesting to see if Badnarik picks up a Republican protest vote in Texas.

On the humorous side, Cheney touted FactCheck.com in his debate with Edwards which belies his ever having been to the site, due to the fact that it should have been FactCheck dot Org, not com. That is not what's funny. What is funny, is that George Soros, who has thrown millions of dollars behind Kerry, knew the difference, and as Slate reports bought up the misrepresented URL by Cheney and turned it into a site against Cheney's position. Talk about instantaneous political maneuvering, this sets a new standard. Can Dick Cheney say, Ooops!, I made a mistake, at least this once?

It is just as well that environmental issues are not important in this election. If they were, President Bush and his GOP Congress would have a lot of explaining to do. This week two stories emerged that should frighten most Americans. The Washington Post reports: "Cities across the country are manipulating the results of tests used to detect lead in water, violating federal law and putting millions of Americans at risk of drinking more of the contaminant than their suppliers are reporting." And in another WP story it reports: "Dozens of dangerous products that violate federal safety standards are finding their way onto retail shelves, while hundreds of other recalled items banned for sale in the United States are being shipped to shoppers abroad, according to an investigation by Consumer Reports magazine."

In another oops for the President, his refusal to go along with a global warming treaty is going to become more embarrassing as the Christian Science Monitor reports

Earth has a message for global warming skeptics: Its effects are starting to appear where it really counts. Antarctic glaciers are melting faster than scientists had thought. The tropical "firebox" that drives the atmosphere's weather machine is running hotter. These two developments could significantly change our planet's weather patterns.

President Bush proudly stated in the last debate that he was the first to propose a Palestinian State for Palestinians, but, the back channel has Bush sabotaging a Palestinian state as reported by Reuters this week in a piece entitled: Israel: Palestinian State Shelved with U.S. Blessing.

A huge corporate tax bill has been approved in conference this week by the Republican led Congress. The Washington Post reports

House and Senate negotiators agreed yesterday on an ambitious corporate tax bill that would shower billions of dollars in tax breaks on beneficiaries from old-line manufacturers to Alaskan whalers to gamblers from overseas -- and includes a controversial $10 billion buyout of the nation's tobacco farmers.
Will this be yet another magnificent opportunity for Bush to dust off his veto pen? Yes! Will that pen ever see the light of day? Not as long as the Congress is Republican I suspect. All this while the American tax payer sings the blues: "another day older and deeper in debt, St. Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the [government] store".

President Bush is not entirely getting his way with Congress, however, as two Republican Senators derailed Bush's nominee for the top job of military commander of the Pacific and Asian theater.

As if the high 2$ plus per gallon gasoline prices aren't enough to sway voters on pocketbook issues, the Washington Post reports " Most households and businesses will pay more for heating this winter as the prices of crude oil and other energy sources continue to rise, according to a U.S. government forecast released yesterday." Double OUCH!

It's not been a good week for Republican Tom Delay who probably thought a Republican led Congress would be a safe haven for breaking the election and bribery laws to move the Republican agenda forward. Caught however, and pressed by Democrats, the Republican Congress had no choice. USA Today reports

The committee late Wednesday admonished DeLay for creating an appearance of giving donors special access on pending energy legislation and using the Federal Aviation Administration to intervene in a Texas political dispute.

Last week, the same committee admonished DeLay for offering to endorse the House candidacy of a House member's son in exchange for the member's favorable vote on a Medicare prescription drug bill.

Tom Delay was completely naive however, instead of going to jail, Republicans seemed to say to DeLay, "You shouldn't have oughta got caught, sir, so we have to say, you should not have done that". Thus ends the matter and closes the investigation, as DeLay smiles probably mumbling to himself my daughter's often heard refrain, 'That weren't so bad'.

A very confusing headline surfaced this week regarding the elections about to take place in Afghanistan. The President and Vice President are oft quoted as having taken out the Taliban in that country, so it is perplexing to read this NY Times story, NATO Expects Rush of Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan. #%&^$$!!

Americans should all thank God Nader has not been more prominent in this race: Think of the migraines we would all suffer if we had to consider Nader’s remarks like the following:

  • The major parties are incapable of changing from within

  • Our Presidential elections are increasingly undermined by big money

  • There is a bigger difference between the major parties' rhetoric than their records

  • The federal government is rigged-in favor of corporate interests above those of the people

  • Independents and third parties are shut out of mainstream media and debates

Is it any wonder why so many eligible voters don't vote? In 2000, 84 Million Eligible Voters Did Not Vote

Republicans take names off of voter rolls. Democrats want to see Nader/Camejo off of the ballot. Why? When half the country doesn't vote - isn't it time for more democracy, not less?

In closing, it sure is a good thing that 30 year old fibs and distortions about candidate's military records are what Americans will vote on. Those issues are so much less depressing and worrisome, than having to decide on who to vote for based on current events or our future. And happiness and optimism is what Americans are all about. Hide them coffins, too depressing. Hide those deficits, my kids will deal with those. Water? Who needs some steenkeeng water, I got my Jack Daniels. Vote on, America. Vote on, if you can find a reliable polling station.

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