Group Wins Battle Against Bush Admin. Secrecy.

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What could be worse than a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant in the US of A? Very little. So the public should expect that securing nuclear plants should be Job No. 1. The Bush Administration, in what is becoming all too commonplace, has tried to keep important information on this matter from the public.

Public Citizen, a citizen's rights advocacy group, has just won an important victory against the administration's secrecy tactics which prevent government accountability to the people.

Public Citizen reports: "A U.S. appeals court ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to go back to the drawing board after the agency violated federal law by secretly writing nuclear security rules. The NRC last year issued these vital regulations without first informing the public or giving interested parties a chance to have input. Public Citizen and the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace sued the agency." And last Friday they won.

Public Citizen has stated to its membership: "With your support we'll keep up the pressure, because only through openness in government can we keep our leaders honest." This is vitally important to insure Government works for the people and not just for political or corporate interests.

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