Election Race Brand New - Kerry Found His Facts

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Sen. John Kerry was featured yesterday evening on C-Span speaking from a lecturn with a sign stating Stronger At Home, Respected in the World. But, that was not the core of John Kerry's message. Almost the entire riveting speech was a litany of President Bush's misleading statements, missed opportunties, "errors in judgement of historical proportions", and made the case that Bush's war in Iraq diverted America's attention, resources, and strength from the war on terrorism which Americans want to fight. An act of negligence Kerry says has left America without allies whom Bush can call upon, without the funds and military resources to pursue Osama bin Laden where ever he is, and without a unified electorate determined on a unified course to destroy fundamentalist Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

The response from the crowd at the end of the speech said it all. Kerry has found his message, Kerry has found his voice, Kerry has found the key to swing voters indecisiveness. If you hadn't seen Kerry speak, but, only saw the crowd reaction after it was over, one might have thought Clinton had just left the lecturn, instead of Kerry. It is a whole new election race if Kerry can get this kind of stump speech before the broad public in the short month and few weeks remaining.

Kerry ridiculed President Bush and Dick Cheney. Kerry said of Dick Cheney's repeated insistence of WMD and al-Queda ties to Saddam, that the Vice President is still saying the "world is flat". Kerry used words like incompetent, negligent, and slow to understand and react to depict the Bush administration. The words were tied together by a recount of administration statements proved false time and again since the case was first made to invade Iraq. He stated taking out Saddam Hussein resulted in an exchange of taking out a dictator and creating chaos. Kerry correctly pointed to the dramatic increases in violence and American casualties, while infrastructure fails to support normalcy throughout much of Iraq and pointed repeatedly to what is obvious in headlines, the situation in Iraq is getting worse, not better under President Bush's leadership or lack of it.

If Kerry can continue getting the air time, and stump this particular speech in swing states, polls should start reflecting a shift toward Kerry in another week or two. Having found the issue and the words to stump it with, it only remains for Kerry to get that speech into the ears of independent and on the fence voters. If he does, President Bush is going to have a run for his money. Appears the question of whether it was wise to bring Clintion's campaigners and advisors on board may be answered shortly. Watch the polls, over the next week or two.

Given what the Democratic Party has done so undemocratically to Nader's efforts to get on the ballots and fiscal reasons, Kerry does not have this writers vote. But, it appears current polls showing Bush pulling ahead, especially in the electoral college predictors, may well reverse if Kerry can hammer his new speech out over the media these next few weeks in the swing states.

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