Is God Voting For Bush?

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Four years ago, God likely noticed that George W. Bush wasn't too bad as Texas Governor despite his love of death penalties, and he too was a 'born again'. So, God was surely pleased to see George become President with a little help from the Supreme Court, though it was touch and go there.

Four years later, God might be conceding that his faith in George wasn't enough to keep George on the straight and narrow. God was surely proud of how George responded to 9/11. While God does not condone war, he surely turned an understanding eye to George's invasion of Afghanistan. After all, God must believe in democracy too, and most of the world cheered George on in going after the terrorists and their sponsors, the Taliban, in Afghanistan. But, did George then lose his way on the path of righteousness?

God sees all I am told, and has to have watched as George did more harm than good in invading Iraq. No WMD, no terrorist activities aimed at the U.S., and no real threat to the rest of the world, God surely became worried as he saw thousands upon thousands of Iraqi's killed and maimed, over 7 thousand American injuries and 1000 American soldier deaths in Bush’s Iraq revenge. Has God started keeping score on George as millions of Americans were sent further into, or toward, poverty while George lined the pockets of the money changers and capital owners? Was it the last straw, when God saw George grin as his followers did denigrate and smite George’s opponent’s war record with lies, half truths, and faulty memory?

What does God make of seeing George mislead the public by stating we are winning the freedom for Iraqis when God himself, the press, and even intelligence members are all observing how affairs in Iraq are worsening by the week. It's not that God expects George to read the newspapers, but if the intelligence community is leaking the truth to the public, it must be because George won't listen to them. Now God must be worried that for all the effort to create a National Intelligence Director and terrorism information exchange center, George apparently is not going to avail himself of their expertise unless they are saying “Yes sir, the intelligence supports your policy”. This must have God worried, because very large numbers of God's followers will be in peril if George continues to refuse the truth he does not want to hear.

Now, God no doubt sees George attacking his opponent for growing the debt and raising taxes and must be very displeased. God surely saw the article that demonstrated that George is already spending more than John even proposes to spend, and surely noticed that George does not even mention a balanced budget, nor does his party's platform, while John is promising to "pay as we go" to keep even more millions from suffering the indignities, harm, and waste of poverty in this land of milk and honey. God surely sees through the spin and sees that George is just plain lying in order to take the power in the next 4 years that was freely bestowed upon him 4 years ago.

Surely, God has seen George spend 100's of billions of dollars laying waste to thousands upon thousands of lives in Iraq, while barely spending 20 billion on defending Americans at home. Three years after 9/11, George has still not mentioned or lifted a finger to monitor and intercept the terrorists who can come ashore on any beach, cross over through any woodland, or even hide away in a shipping container with weapons to kill and maim God's faithful in America. God understands offense as defense. God surely does not understand or condone George's offense in Iraq while ignoring defense at home.

And folks say God loves his flock's love of freedom. Some say God guided the founding father's hand in creating this land and beacon for freedom called America. But, God cannot be pleased to see George lead his people into fear, and into giving up freedoms in order to allay their fears. God knows it is weak to act out of fear, and strong to act out of faith. God may likely be dismayed that George is cashing in on American's fears, making them weak, as George takes their freedom to speak, move, and act as free people without fear, bit by bit. Americans under George are losing their faith that terrorists cannot and will not change American's way of living free: free to travel, free to assemble, free to speak out, free to live privately, and free to vote their conscience instead of their fear.

Perhaps God is watching. Perhaps that is why George's 11 point bounce in the polls after the convention has evaporated. George has said he speaks to God and has also said God has spoken back to him. Having spent years working in psychiatric facilities, I have seen a number of folks make that claim. I always thought that what separated them from me was that though I too speak to God, I have never heard him talk back telling me what to do. God has always respected my freedom of choice and responsibility to choose wisely. I believe God has the same respect for the American voters to choose freely, and be responsible for choosing wisely, or not.

God will surely forgive George as he forgives those in psychiatric facilities. But will we forgive ourselves for not choosing freely, and wisely, on November 2?

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