Bush/Cheney: Do NOT Do As We Do, Please!

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al-Queda viewed western influence as a threat to their way of life. Thus, they preemptively struck the N.Y. Tower in 1991, the USS Cole, and the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and airline passengers in 2001. Seemed like a good strategy to President Bush and Dick Cheney. The President said we knew Iraq had WMD, and following al-Queda's preemptive strike policy he ordered our military to invade and occupy Iraq.

Following Bush's and al-Queda's lead, "Russia's top general threatened on Wednesday to strike terrorists "in any region of the world,". Will China, N. Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Australia, Georgia and a host of other Middle Eastern states follow suit? Do Bush and Cheney really want the world to follow their example in Iraq?

With a nod of silence the Bush administration watched on as a 527 political group called Swift Boat Vets for Truth launched at least partially untrue ads against Kerry's service record. Today, with a nod of silence, the Kerry campaign watched as a counter 527 group called Texan's for Truth launched a debatable ad against Bush's service record. Do Bush and Cheney welcome the 1st Amendment exercise by the Texan's for Truth? Or did President Bush say he wished they would all just go away, now that he is the recipient? Knowing that the White House was about to release "memos Wednesday night saying that George W. Bush was suspended from flying fighter jets for failing to meet standards of the Texas Air National Guard.", I guess it is understandable.

The Bush administration has increased deficit spending for these last years it has held office. It has pandered to a host of voter constituencies with executive orders and proposed legislation costing billions of dollars in the hopes of succeeding to a second term. Will this administration give its successor a green light to act in the same manner using tax dollars to support programs advocated by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and groups advocating separation of church and state?

This administration appears to be allowing the 1994 ban on semi-automatic weapons to lapse this week in deference to the National Rifle Association's opposition to it. Will this administration, now that police officers will face much higher risks of being outgunned, mind if the next administration drops the ban on armor piercing ammunition?

Bush/Cheney fostered a huge Medicare bill (running close to half a trillion dollars over 10 years) which eliminated competitive bidding, and allowed pharmaceutical retailers to raise prices equal to the amount of the Medicare discounts. Is it safe to say that Bush/Cheney will support their successor's proposal to simply run up the national debt from its current 7.4 Trillion dollars to maintain Social Security when it stops producing surpluses?

President Bush has not once used his veto pen to curtail Congressional spending excesses. It must be true that he would have no objection to a Democratic President giving Congress carte blanche with American tax dollars, right?

Dick Cheney said that if Americans choose Kerry or Nader or anyone but he and Bush in November, they will endanger America by exposing it to another hit by terrorists. And should Bush/Cheney win and we get hit by another terrorist attack, will Cheney then say Americans made the wrong choice at the polls in 2004?

President Bush has pardoned himself for not finding WMD used as justification for invading Iraq, blaming it on the intelligence community. Would Bush object to his successor pardoning himself for invading China based on false intelligence that China was preparing to invade Taiwan?

Or, is it true that this administration views itself as special, and not subject to the same rules, standards, and policies it would demand of an opponent's administration? There are so many questions to answer before November 2, and so little time.

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