Zell Miller: A Hateful Speech

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Fire can be hot and destructive or warm and sustaining. So much of what Zell Miller had to say tonight was distortion, misrepresentation, out of context, and demonstrated his deep and abiding disappointment with the Democratic Party that gave up support for its conservative wing decades ago.

Miller spewed hatred and detestation toward his Democratic party and its candidate tonight, which makes sense when an organization abandons your views and leaves you with the difficult choice to refuse to be marginalized by your organization or leave it altogether. Miller's pain and resentment all these years over his choice to not be marginalized by the Democratic Party instead of becoming a Republican was given complete freedom this evening and vented like an overheated steam boiler that explodes.

And his hatred, and intolerance for anything having to do with peace, civility, humanity, and diplomacy was cheered mightily by the Republicans at the Convention demonstrating their own hatred and intolerance for these same "weaknesses". It was a wake up call for me. It is the first time in my 54 years, including those as a young adult in the late 60's, that I ever thought America could actually fight a second civil war. Remote as it still seems to me, I must admit after seeing Sen. Miller's ability to manipulate the passions of Republicans like a virtuoso so ably plays the strings of a Stradivarius, that civil war is a real possible scenario in America's future. It was a deeply sad and moving realization.


I can't agree with you about civil war being possible in America. But, you are right on regarding Zell Miller's motivations. His career is coming to an end, he is giving up his Senate seat. Due to his standing out in the Democratic Party as a contrarian, his ego would never permit him to move to the Republican Party where he would have been a nobody and considered too centrist on domestic issues.

Good call on this one. Your SBVT article sucked though. You got it all wrong.

Good call my ass. This whole site is one fat hippy liberal masquerading as an independent. There is no doubt in my mind that this Remer character, whoever the hell he is, was born a democrat, votes democrat and will die the socialist commie pig that he is.

Tom, thank you for the feedback. I agree with your assessment of Miller. Does your SBVT objection have to do with 1st Amendment concerns?

Bubba, thanks for your opinion. It is good to have feedback. Since you have never met me and have no eartly idea who I am other than what is on this site, I find your comments presumptuous (look it up)! And no, it is not something that tastes good. Have a nice day.

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