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Forget media bias. Look at the sources in the stories and links below. The data flowing out in news this week is coming from highly credible sources and demonstrating failure after failure of the Bush administration. Sure, those on the right can spin a tornado into a butterfly's wing flap, but, any objective reading of the following stories begs the question, why is Bush leading in the polls?

The Iconoclast, a newspaper in Crawford, Texas that endorsed President Bush in 2000 has announced it is endorsing Sen. John Kerry in 2004. The editorial by the paper's publishers begins:

It is difficult to tell if the enemy within being discussed in the Senate’s intelligence community overhaul bill is terrorists or the Committee itself. There is no question from a reading of the 9/11 Commission’s report that intelligence overhaul is necessary. But a key component of the Commission’s report is dangerously absent from the Senate’s overhaul legislation coming to a vote on the Senate floor: checks and balances.

In 1992, we went from 6% budget deficits to 2% surplus in Jan. 2000. Due in no small part to the reductions in defense spending, the Clinton administration and Chairman Greenspan of the Federal Reserve Board, saved our nation from potential economic demise in the years 2000 to 2004, when our society underwent huge shocks to our economic system.

Also, during the 90's, a balanced Senate between the political parties and a bi-partisan President willing to accede to some Republican conservative fiscal policy while expanding social programs to grow work forces and update education and worker qualifications allowed workers in large part to meet employment demands, and helped grow federal revenues during the nineties along with the tech bubble.

What could be worse than a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant in the US of A? Very little. So the public should expect that securing nuclear plants should be Job No. 1. The Bush Administration, in what is becoming all too commonplace, has tried to keep important information on this matter from the public.

Public Citizen, a citizen's rights advocacy group, has just won an important victory against the administration's secrecy tactics which prevent government accountability to the people.

Bush's UN Speech Analyzed

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President Bush's speech to the United Nations Assembly this week was remarkable. His speech was far more subdued than in the past. But, his words brought a host of images, questions, and implications to mind given the context of current events. It is worth reviewing some of the phrases and concepts in the speech for a glimpse of what may have crossed the minds of delegates attending the UN assembly on that day, as they crossed mine.

Sen. John Kerry was featured yesterday evening on C-Span speaking from a lecturn with a sign stating Stronger At Home, Respected in the World. But, that was not the core of John Kerry's message. Almost the entire riveting speech was a litany of President Bush's misleading statements, missed opportunties, "errors in judgement of historical proportions", and made the case that Bush's war in Iraq diverted America's attention, resources, and strength from the war on terrorism which Americans want to fight. An act of negligence Kerry says has left America without allies whom Bush can call upon, without the funds and military resources to pursue Osama bin Laden where ever he is, and without a unified electorate determined on a unified course to destroy fundamentalist Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

Is God Voting For Bush?

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Four years ago, God likely noticed that George W. Bush wasn't too bad as Texas Governor despite his love of death penalties, and he too was a 'born again'. So, God was surely pleased to see George become President with a little help from the Supreme Court, though it was touch and go there.

Four years later, God might be conceding that his faith in George wasn't enough to keep George on the straight and narrow. God was surely proud of how George responded to 9/11. While God does not condone war, he surely turned an understanding eye to George's invasion of Afghanistan. After all, God must believe in democracy too, and most of the world cheered George on in going after the terrorists and their sponsors, the Taliban, in Afghanistan. But, did George then lose his way on the path of righteousness?

On November 2, you can vote for Sen. John Kerry and bankrupting America. Or, you can vote for Bush and bankrupt America twice as fast. This is according to new research and reports from government agencies and other institutions who are adding up the numbers of Kerry and Bush campaign promises. In the final analysis, if Bush wins, our national debt will reach over 11 Trillion dollars and under Kerry about 9 trillion dollars, so far.

Polls simply cannot predict this presidential race. Below are comments from voters that demonstrate why that is. Two examples from Republicans follow:

"We were given the idea that there were weapons of mass destruction, but where are they? They said they were so sure. When I was over there I looked. I was on an intelligence gathering team, we all looked. We found nothing. It was just a lie. That wasn't a proper use of American troops. It wasn't a proper use of my life, my friends' lives, or the Marines I saw die around me."-- Lee Buttrill, Sergeant, USMC, Iraq War Veteran

The dinosaurs reached a zenith just prior to their extinction. It occurred to me we may be witnessing the same pattern with the Republican Party. As a minority party during the last part of the last century, Republican conservative views served our nation well on a host of issues. They acted as American conscience regarding debt and deficit spending. They acted as an ethical check on runaway cultural norms moving toward "anything goes". And they served as a check on encroachment of state’s rights by the federal government and bloating federal beauracracy.

al-Queda viewed western influence as a threat to their way of life. Thus, they preemptively struck the N.Y. Tower in 1991, the USS Cole, and the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and airline passengers in 2001. Seemed like a good strategy to President Bush and Dick Cheney. The President said we knew Iraq had WMD, and following al-Queda's preemptive strike policy he ordered our military to invade and occupy Iraq.

For decades eminent domain has been used to throw homeowners and businesses off their properties, purchased by court order of governments and tax payer dollars, only to be given free to corporate entities like General Motors. Corporate socialism has grown and prospered in the United States. Bailouts of corporate interests using tax dollars have been prevalent also since those years of the Chrysler bailout, airlines bailouts, and corporate farming subsidies.

The month of August was a robust month for political campaigning in America. Many of us were focused on what the candidates and campaigns had to say. Though more difficult, it is as instructive and educational for making a rational vote to listen for what isn't said. What isn't said is usually what campaigners want to hide from voters.

Well, I was impressed; truly, very impressed with Bush's speech tonight. He overwhelmed my mind with thoughts of the greatest showman on earth, PT Barnum. The thought of reincarnation even occurred to me. He was not just the greatest showman, but, magician as well. President Bush took one of the greatest tragedies to hit the U.S. in the last 60 years which occurred on his watch, and hid that fact from view while impressing everyone with the statement that he will not allow such an event to happen on his watch. Wow! Now that is true circus, true showmanship, and master magic.

Fire can be hot and destructive or warm and sustaining. So much of what Zell Miller had to say tonight was distortion, misrepresentation, out of context, and demonstrated his deep and abiding disappointment with the Democratic Party that gave up support for its conservative wing decades ago.

Kerry-Bush Both Win!

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Kerry wins popular vote, Bush wins Electoral College! It is really starting to look like this is going to be the headline on November 4, 5, 6, or 7. It won't be on November 3 due to likelihood of protests over vote counting and allegations of voter fraud. There are 7.2 million Americans living overseas and more of them are likely to vote this year than in 2000. That will delay results a bit as well.


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