The Swift Boat Vets' Catch-22

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President Bush Bush said, "I think Senator Kerry served admirably and he ought to be proud of his record." The President stopped just short of telling the Swift Boat Vet's directly to stop attacking Kerry's military record. This poses a quandary for those who both support Bush and the Swift Boat Vets. Either President Bush is telling the truth (and he has the entire intelligence and Dep't. of Defense at his command to make that determination) and Kerry's record is honorable, or, President Bush is either lying or ignorant on this now very important issue to millions of Americans.

The Swift Boat Vets have a new ad calling Kerry a coward ready to air. It remains to be seen if the '527' non-profit political group will push forward with their largely unsubstantiated claims which stand in contradiction to actual military records. An excellent article by Michael Dobbs, a Washington Post staff writer, weighs the evidence against the claims by both sides.

I have not weighed in on this issue before because it appeared to represent the dregs of American politics. If, as some have claimed, a host of vet's medals and citations are meaningless due to a system easily manipulated, a great disservice is done the 10's of thousands of vets whose medals and citations were hard won, as it cheapens them all. If the claim is not true, then one of the most unpatriotic campaign stunts has been perpetrated by American vets who don't care a bit who they hurt in the pursuit of venting their temper tantrums.

It is clear, the campaign finance reform law known as McCain-Feingold which the President approved and signed, has not gone far enough to curb some gross abuses of our campaign finance system. The Swift Boat Vet’s, however, cannot have it both ways. If they respect their apparent Presidential choice’s words, they will cease and desist from their campaign against Kerry’s war record. If they continue, they obviously have little regard for President Bush’s condemnation.

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