U.S. Reinventing Itself

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A glance at the headline political stories this last week could lead one to wonder if we'd had a revolution and were reinventing America from scratch. It seems everything is being rehashed, debated, and even recreated. President Bush commented about looking into a regressive sales tax which would mean reinventing the IRS. His aides quickly pulled him away. Our voting system is so broken, the State Dep't. has agreed to bring international observers in to monitor our elections on Nov. 2.

It would appear despite court rulings and laws; we are once again rehashing the 4th Estate's right to protect its sources as a judge holds a journalist in contempt of court. On one side of the debate are those who ask if any wrongs in government will be reported if sources cannot be protected. On the other are those claiming it is almost impossible to write a story these days without references to Mr. or Ms. Anonymous as the source of potentially damning information. The Cloning Issue is moving closer to the acrobatics taking place over the stem cell issue, as Great Britain issues its first cloning license paving the way for Europe to leave the U.S. in the dust in medical research and technology.

The President is displaying inordinate political courage campaigning in Nevada where he is defending "his decision to use Nevada's Yucca Mountain as the nation's high-level nuclear waste dump, an unpopular move in a swing state that he won four years ago." Another example of spending 100's of millions of dollars to research a project only to find it won't function as intended; but must be implemented because of the 100's of millions already invested. Once leakage begins into ground water systems, it will all be scrapped anyway, but, with massive law suits being settled as a bonus to future taxpayers. It is good to know we are not reinventing throwing good money after bad.

Forty years ago there was a movement underway in this country to innovate alternative fuels to decrease our dependence upon oil. As oil prices hit new highs this week, our government and society are still arguing over whether or not we should invest our futures in cheaper alternative energy technologies or continue our dependence upon fossil fuels, and other nation's as suppliers.

After 7 decades of marriage between capitalism and socialized programs which gave birth to the greatest economy, military, and innovations in the world, we still have those on the left calling those on the right fascist capitalists and those on the right calling those on the left Marxist socialists. This is even more amazing in light of the fact that those on the right would never want to privatize the military or intelligence or our roads and those on the left would never want to end free enterprise and corporations which provide jobs. But we seem to reinvent this debate almost daily.

And who could miss the Congressional hearings on reinventing our intelligence agencies? Long overdue, there are those who want to rush the changes forward so we can reinvent it again in a couple years, rather than deliberate and get it right the first time. Then there is the Whitehouse which is all a-ga-ga over the potential of garnering even more executive power to its office freeing it from prying eyes as it pursues its Top Secret war against terrorism. Opponents want to go slow to consolidate Congressional oversight, making the intelligence community more transparent. Hanging in the balance is all American's civil liberties threatened by the President's intent to revalidate the Patriot Act intact. He is of course opposed by those who wish to modify those few paragraphs in the Patriot Act that hold the promise out for future civil liberties abuses by the Whitehouse.

And finally there is the one issue too many seem to be avoiding - the Economy! We are already headlong into a radically changing global marketplace. The rapidly maturing third world economies along with that of China and S.E. Asia, are redefining, as I type, America's role in this incredibly intricate and complex global economic marketplace of educated workers, ideas, technologies, products and services. And we in America are fussing with each other over which President, the last, or this one, is responsible for our declining position. We are fussing over what the unemployment numbers mean, because with all of our mathematical expertise, we still don't have a non-politically biased measure of what our real unemployment figures are. This is also in part, because we have no way of determining our actual census of eligible work force. With millions of undocumented and illegal aliens inside our borders and crossing our borders each year, we fuss about whether real wages are going up or down. All the while ignoring the immensely larger issue of the terrorist threat our porous borders portend, and the ineffective census numbers of real workers, black market, illegal, and off the books, which make the economic numbers marginal at best in their use for determining policy.

"But the Left and Right have more in common than you might think. Both believe in government magic. And they want you to believe in it too. ... "

The world about us is being reinvented. Once command economies exclusively are now growing their capitalist and free trade agreements and alliances. Terrorism, while nothing new in the world, has taken on a larger than life ability to frustrate and split whole societies accustomed to instant responses and instant fixes. These United States stand more divided than it has been since the 1960's and the sage advice of the old saying, "united we stand, divided we fall" seems absent from the minds of our leaders and representatives who exacerbate our divisions with the little issues in what appears to be an attempt to hide their incompetence over the large ones. Our nation is being reinvented. We were and are for the moment great and powerful.

Are we reinventing the 1860's when we were divided and weakened by our divisions? We are indeed if we the people do not demand more from our leadership than all this petty bickering and divisiveness over the small issues. We are indeed if we allow the Peter Principle to dictate our future. We are indeed reinventing the 1860's if we the voters do not become harshly anti-incumbent at the polls regarding candidates who seek to divide Americans rather than unite us in surmounting the obstacles to our future greatness and strength.

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