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President Bush Bush said, "I think Senator Kerry served admirably and he ought to be proud of his record." The President stopped just short of telling the Swift Boat Vet's directly to stop attacking Kerry's military record. This poses a quandary for those who both support Bush and the Swift Boat Vets. Either President Bush is telling the truth (and he has the entire intelligence and Dep't. of Defense at his command to make that determination) and Kerry's record is honorable, or, President Bush is either lying or ignorant on this now very important issue to millions of Americans.

Let's begin with a background number not often discussed, the total American debt is now 37 trillion dollars. That is the sum total of business, personal, trade, and national government debts. 24 of the 37 trillion dollar debt have accrued since 1990. This number is growing at a phenomenal rate. The total labor force is 147.9 million (Bureau of Labor Statistics). That 37 trillion dollar total American debt equals $250,169.00 give or take a few dollars, for every working man and woman in this country. In other words this is a quarter million dollar debt for each and every working man and woman and spiraling. On November 2, voters can elect to do something about a large portion of this debt.

U.S. Reinventing Itself

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A glance at the headline political stories this last week could lead one to wonder if we'd had a revolution and were reinventing America from scratch. It seems everything is being rehashed, debated, and even recreated. President Bush commented about looking into a regressive sales tax which would mean reinventing the IRS. His aides quickly pulled him away. Our voting system is so broken, the State Dep't. has agreed to bring international observers in to monitor our elections on Nov. 2.

One of our conservative visitors is fond of referencing Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd as a former KKK member in the Senate. Sen. Byrd reformed himself half a lifetime ago and today is the most knowledgeable historian of the Senate and a champion of equal rights and racial equality. In other words, Byrd's history of being a KKK member is ancient history and has not been true of the Senate Historian for many decades. But this article is not about Senator Byrd. It is about the Grand Old Party and racism.

The terrorist alert announced Sunday contained much more specific information about targets and even time frame. Unfortunately for the administration, it was discovered that the basis for information regarding the alert was several years old. This prompted skepticism and doubt as to the motives of the Whitehouse in issuing the alert, with some claiming it was a political ploy to scare voters into staying the course with Bush in November's election.

President Bush announced in a press conference today that he would ask Congress to act (but not in a special session and therefore, not right away) on implementing some of the key proposals in the 9/11 Commission Report. Regardless of his reasons (some will say it was due to Kerry taking the demand to the public), it is commendable that the President appears to be en route to enacting the Report's recommendations to help safeguard Americans against another terrorist attack. However, the President has not outlined any checks and balances on the most awesome power in the world, that of the American Intelligence community and the American Military resting in the hands of the President and his appointed head coordinator of our intelligence agencies.


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