Poll Analysis: Bush still losing ground.

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A post convention poll analysis at Zogby portrays darkening clouds over the Bush campaign. Many of his strategies are failing their intended goals, and some key constituencies Bush must have are losing ground. His job approval numbers refusing to climb is a particularly dark cloud over the campaign.

Some news on foreign policy and the economy in recent days is not supporting Bush's bid for reelection. As the President campaigns in the heartland claiming the U.S. economy is on a "rising path", his message is being dampened by a Commerce Dept. report Friday indicating the U.S. economy slowed dramatically in the spring to an annual growth rate of 3 percent, as consumers, worried about higher gasoline prices, cut back their spending to the weakest pace in three years. This 3% is down from the 3.8% that was expected.

The Toronto Star states "The U.S. Internal Revenue Service reported Wednesday that the average income of Americans has dropped for the past two consecutive years - the first time that has happened since the current tax system was set up during World War II." The Star goes on to report

Average income for Americans fell 9.2 per cent between 2000 and 2002, said the Wednesday report. That same day, the Corporate Library, a top U.S. corporate governance group, said average pay for CEOs at America's top 500 corporations rose 20 per cent last year, on the heels of unprecedented losses in stock-market value for Main St. investors, epic bankruptcies, and profits that have only begun to recover from the recession of 2000-2002.

V.P. candidate John Edwards appears to be onto something when he touts two America's on the campaign trail, those wealthy who are getting wealthier, and all the rest of us. If President Bush decides to debate John Kerry, (Kerry has already agreed), there is no doubt these economic reports will be difficult for the President to dodge. And the two America's Edwards talked about at the Convention, appeared to strike a nerve with working Americans, if the convention crowd's response was any indication.

But probably more damaging is the news of late regarding foreign policy. Nations around the world are aware of how strapped the U.S. military is with its occupation of Iraq. Some of those nations appear to be taking Bush's commitment in Iraq as a green light to forge ahead with plans and programs they know the U.S. is helpless to do anything about. Iran according to diplomats has resumed testing a facility for converting uranium, a key part of the process of producing fuel - as well as bombs. The U.S. has protested but apparently must rely upon the international community to take action.

Chinese president Hu Jintao has phoned President George W Bush to warn the US against selling more military technology to Taiwan according to the BBC. The Sudanese have rejected a U.N. security council resolution which was submitted to the Security Council backed by the U.S. The U.S. watered down the resolution as many as 4 times with the hope that the Security Council would finally pass it. Having removed the word sanctions, it finally passed, yet, the Sudanese have rejected it. With the U.S. unable to enforce the resolution with military force, the Security Council waited for revisions watered down enough to hopefully be acceded to by the Sudanese government. But, apparently the Sudanese also see America's inability to back the resolution with force.

The U.S. also has backed down in the NATO as the organization "clinched a deal Friday to start training Iraqi forces next month after the United States, faced with resistance from France, agreed to shelve its demand that the mission come under U.S.-led coalition command." France was one of the allies opposed to the invasion of Iraq and has felt vindicated by the quagmire the U.S. finds itself in.

Over 900 American G.I.'s have been killed in Iraq and almost 6000 have been wounded in action according to the Pentagon. With no end in sight to U.S. occupation in Iraq, and with escalating kidnappings and Iraqi government official deaths at the hands of insurgents, the news appears to indicate hostilities in Iraq are not abating. The American people have a lot to digest between now and November 2, especially those who are undecided as to whom to choose for President. One thing can be said with some certainty however, if the news regarding the economy and foreign affairs does not improve, it will be very difficult for the President to catch up to Kerry's lead in the Zogby poll analysis.

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