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Apparently the city hosting the Democratic Convention did not invite enough Johns. Of course Boston invited John Kerry and John Edwards, and a whole slew of other Democrat cheering members named John, Joe & Barbara. But, someone forgot to call the most important John of all. With an estimated 38,000 to 380,000,000 folks to enter the downtown area, no one called the John Company. That's right, there wasn't going to be enough port-a-johnnies by far to accommodate the crowds to be drawn by the event. City officials are looking into the matter and one hopes they come up with a solution or they will be knee deep in matter all around the convention. The next day's headline could read, Democratic Convention full of crap!

We Quit! The Philippine government has placed the human life of one of their citizens, as well as their peace keeping forces, above Bush's priority of maintaining the quagmire called Iraq. The Bush administration is not pleased. After all, if we can throw almost 900 dead American bodies into the quagmire, why shouldn't the Philippines simply turn their backs on the blackmail threats to kill one of their own if they don't withdraw, post haste? Bush seems to say, what is one more coalition human life? The Filipino's seem to be saying, 'a lot more to us than to you apparently'. After all, it is not like the goal of peace, harmony, and security in Iraq by Christmas is threatened by the Philippines early withdrawal. We all know the chances of a peaceful, harmonious, and secure Iraq is not in the cards this year, or even 10 years from now.

Martha Stewart got her well deserved 5 months in jail sentence yesterday! It is amazing how easily fooled the public is. I mean, we find it so hard to believe that the rich and powerful would do something so stupid and against their own self-interest as lying to investigators and prosecutors about an incident that would have only resulted in a relatively small fine had the truth been told. But, no! Instead of simply telling the truth and taking the fine and the small hit to public image, she lies, sees her company tank, her image trashed, and now 5 months in jail. The argument that Bush, or Daschle would not do some of the stupid insane things they are accused of because they would have nothing to gain and everything to lose, is disproved by the likes of Richard Nixon and Martha Stewart.

One difference between Bush and Kerry is pointed to by the following headlines this week, Bush Speaks Against Human Trafficking and Kerry Promises Teachers Big Spending. The difference is striking. If Kerry were President he too would be against human trafficking whether it was Cuban or not and whether he was losing the Cuban vote in Florida or not. On the other hand, getting Bush to stop cutting public education funding, let alone increase it, as President is impossible. This is a real policy difference between the two. While Bush moves to undercut public schools by redirecting tax funds to private schools, many religiously based, Kerry is vowing to strengthen and boost public education spending and standards, and teacher quality.

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