U.S. Faces 2 Immense Ethical Dilemmas

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Dilemma One: Whether to keep a President who cannot lead the rest of the world.
Dilemma Two: Whether to end Aids transmission to newborns or permit nature to govern.

Regardless of what one thinks of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on pre-invasion intelligence on Iraq, President Bush has lost the ethical and political faith of populations around the world and grossly compromised the United State's leadership role in world affairs. The Intel community falls under the authority and direction of the office of the President, and whether Bush led the Intel community to false conclusions or he was duped by it, neither circumstance lends faith and confidence in his role as President for at least half of American voters and 100's of millions of citizens of other countries.

The President's ability to lead international efforts in the 'war on terrorism' or toward a cessation of weapons of mass destruction proliferation, or toward fair and balanced international trade has been compromised as most other nations in the world will now view Bush's efforts in these areas with skepticism, suspicion, and resistance. It is time for President Bush to stand down from his post, since, as we all have come to expect, the U.S. President is not just the leader of domestic policy but since WWII, we have come to expect the President to lead the world, as well.

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