Investigations show No WMD

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A Senate Intelligence Investigation Committee issued a bipartisan report indicating the U.N. and Europeans who opposed Bush’s invasion of Iraq based on WMD were proved right as the report states clearly and bi-partisanly, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior during the buildup of American forces to invade, and the intelligence basis for invading Iraq was false. Democrats and Republicans are split on whether the Whitehouse played a role in pressuring the intelligence agencies to produce the erroneous results they led to war.

Two facts are clear. The U.S. did not have in-country intelligence which could have confirmed whether WMD existed and to do so would have taken more time before invading. The President refused appeals to delay invasion by critics both domestic and foreign such as France, Germany, Russia, and domestic critics who warned against unilateral invasion like presidential candidates Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean. As I have written here before, Hussein was not a self-destructive leader and it would have been foolish of him to keep evidence of WMD in his country to be discovered and used as a pretext for invasion and deposing him as leader of Iraq. That contention has now been vindicated by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

There was a plan by established by this committee, and it would appear a bargain struck between Dem.'s and Rep.'s. The bargain was that the scope of the investigation would not tread into the area of what influence or involvement President Bush and the Whitehouse staff had on the intelligence communities nor how the Whitehouse used the intelligence in return for conducting the investigation in the first place. There is little doubt the Republican's in both the Senate and House are putting politics of election before full disclosure and investigation into why and how the American people have been led to spend so many lives and such huge tax dollar costs for an indefinite future. If the facts harm this Republican President, it has to be viewed as a negative reflection upon Republican incumbents for the November elections.

There is little doubt too, that Democrats will seize upon this report and use it until the polls close on November 2. But, it should not be forgotten, that both the House and Senate had intelligence committees with privileged members having clearance to review secret materials. Therefore, Democrats who supported the President through budget allocations and resolutions permitting this President to invade Iraq are also complicit in the loss of life and tax dollars in this fool's errand of invading Iraq. The U.S., like it or not, is now committed to success in Iraq.

But that commitment is now also being shown to be a fool’s errand. Both Democrats and Republicans including John Kerry state we must now stay the course in Iraq. But, this morning an AP story was released in which it is reported that our own military and Pentagon are indicating the U.S. presence may, in and of itself, be sufficient to prevent the U.S. from achieving its goals in Iraq. Contrary to the President's claims, it appears the vast majority of insurgents in Iraq is not foreign, and is not fighting to establish an Islamic state, but, instead, is committed to defeating the U.S. presence and involvement in Iraq. With numbers now estimated at 20,000 or more, the insurgents using decentralized command structure and guerilla tactics, appear to represent a similar foe the U.S. faced in Viet Nam, a faceless and hidden replenishing supply of guerillas whose central enemy is the U.S.

It is clear the Bush administration is not being honest with the American people about Iraq. It is not clear whether Kerry will offer any viable and more responsible and honest approach to this quagmire President Bush has committed the American soldiers and taxpayers to supporting.

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