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A post convention poll analysis at Zogby portrays darkening clouds over the Bush campaign. Many of his strategies are failing their intended goals, and some key constituencies Bush must have are losing ground. His job approval numbers refusing to climb is a particularly dark cloud over the campaign.

A Zogby poll taken July 27 - July 29 shows Republicans moving from Bush to the undecided column and Kerry-Edwards increase lead over Bush-Cheney by 5%. This presumeably does not reflect what happened during and after Kerry's powerful foreign policy acceptance speech which may give him an additional 5% over coming days. Kerry's speech Thursday night stole foreign policy as an issue from under the Republican's noses and boxed Bush-Cheney into a corner leaving them no choice but to go negative to counter Kerry's promise to never go to war unless there is no other choice. Kerry vowed victory in Iraq by reestablishing cooperative relations with our allies and sharing the Iraq burden. Kerry vowed that attacks against the U.S. will be met with swift and decisive action, but, our troops will be increased, their supply needs fulfilled, and solid plans to insure victory and peace will be made when engaging the enemy.

In the past, when wars were won, the vanquished were as relieved as the victors, especially if their nation was vanquished at the hands of the Americans. Humbled, and even humiliated by their loss, such emotions were short-lived as the vanquished saw the restoration and opportunities for an even better and more bountiful future open before them with the assistance and even guidance of the United States. Such was the history of wars between nations and regular armies.

It was an exuberant night of brilliantly crafted speeches at the Democratic Convention capped by one of the most dynamic speeches ever delivered by former Pres. Bill Clinton. Following are excerpted paragraphs (with links to the full text) from key speeches which drove the Democratic message home.

There are organizations focusing on intense criticism of the 9/11 Report's process and conclusions. The greatest of these criticisms implies that a bi-partisan (Democrats and Republicans) commission, set as a ground rule, to exempt both Pres.' Clinton and Bush from criticism, blame or responsibility. Given that the President is the Commander in Chief of our military and intel agencies, the Commission has built a protective wall around their respective presidents in this election year. On the opposite side of the debate, praise is being heaped upon the Commission for not delving into partisan criticism and debate over who is responsible for not preventing the 9/11 atrocities from occurring. There is merit to the argument that placing blame anywhere else but on the intel community, would do little to strengthen our nation against future attacks.

Only a few decades ago, the electoral map showed 40 states up for grabs, demanding the candidates fight for votes in each and everyone of those states. This year only 16 to 17 states are up for grabs, called swing states. That means votes in 32 to 33 'solid' states are going to be completely taken for granted in this election cycle. In fact, your vote in any of these solid states won't even count in determining the election outcome. This constitutes a subtle form of disenfranchisement brought about by the electoral college which predetermines the race in the majority of states.

Apparently the city hosting the Democratic Convention did not invite enough Johns. Of course Boston invited John Kerry and John Edwards, and a whole slew of other Democrat cheering members named John, Joe & Barbara. But, someone forgot to call the most important John of all. With an estimated 38,000 to 380,000,000 folks to enter the downtown area, no one called the John Company. That's right, there wasn't going to be enough port-a-johnnies by far to accommodate the crowds to be drawn by the event. City officials are looking into the matter and one hopes they come up with a solution or they will be knee deep in matter all around the convention. The next day's headline could read, Democratic Convention full of crap!

Dilemma One: Whether to keep a President who cannot lead the rest of the world.
Dilemma Two: Whether to end Aids transmission to newborns or permit nature to govern.

A Senate Intelligence Investigation Committee issued a bipartisan report indicating the U.N. and Europeans who opposed Bush’s invasion of Iraq based on WMD were proved right as the report states clearly and bi-partisanly, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior during the buildup of American forces to invade, and the intelligence basis for invading Iraq was false. Democrats and Republicans are split on whether the Whitehouse played a role in pressuring the intelligence agencies to produce the erroneous results they led to war.

Two facts are clear. The U.S. did not have in-country intelligence which could have confirmed whether WMD existed and to do so would have taken more time before invading. The President refused appeals to delay invasion by critics both domestic and foreign such as France, Germany, Russia, and domestic critics who warned against unilateral invasion like presidential candidates Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean. As I have written here before, Hussein was not a self-destructive leader and it would have been foolish of him to keep evidence of WMD in his country to be discovered and used as a pretext for invasion and deposing him as leader of Iraq. That contention has now been vindicated by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Interesting piece of news. Today, July 7, marks the day that the average American has earned enough money this year to pay for the cost of Federal, State, and Local governments. Due to modestly increasing earnings across the spectrum, Americans beat last years date by one day. However, with state's economies on shaky ground, and the current 7 Trillion dollar federal deficit to become 10+ Trillion by the end of the decade, look for near future dates to extend out at as far as August.

AP Photo EdwardsPresidential candidate John Kerry's choice of 1st time Senator John Edwards as his V.P. candidate and running mate will likely not harm Kerry's campaign any more than any other choice Kerry could have made. Edwards brings many pluses and two important minuses for those whose decision may be swayed by Kerry's choice one way or another by his VP choice.

Edwards has a public charisma and is eloquent in his public speaking. Edwards has an astute mind capable of debate and via his legal training as a trial lawyer, has the capacity to decipher basic, central issues amidst a flurry of chatter, spin, and political hyperbole. His recognition of the dual caste society of have's and have-not's under Bush's slow and tepid economic recovery struck a chord with workers around the country and especially in the South where manufacturing jobs have not recovered. This recognition is an example of Edward's ability to sift to the underlying basic issue which voters are concerned about.

President Bush this holiday weekend is speaking before groups around the country flaunting his lack of capacity for math and logic. In Charleston, W. Va. President Bush is reported by the Toronto Star to have said that America is safer because Saddam Hussein is in a prison cell.

This is either completely false or illogical. The State Dep't. and the Dep't. of Homeland Defense have indicated in recent weeks that more attacks upon the U.S. are likely and experts are saying that it is not a matter of if they will occur, only a matter of when. Now presuming the President has been advised by the Homeland Defense and State Departments, the only logical conclusion to draw from the President's statements is that he is lying to the American people about the being safer with Hussein in jail.


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